Are you a brand looking to work with Tattooed Tealady? Here's everything you need to know:

Tattooed Tealady is always happy to be introduced to brands new and old, working alongside brands on product and feature reviews as well as specific promotional campaigns.

Tattooed Tealady reviews are written with 100% honesty - this means regardless of the nature or price of a product, my reviews will always be honest based on my own experiences with that product. Reviews are written without bias towards a product or brand, as to ensure readers of Tattooed Tealady receive honest, well-researched and genuine content based on my own personal experience.

Products and brands featured on Tattooed Tealady need to be relevant to the style and theme of this website. This includes beauty; makeup, body care, skincare and haircare, books, homewares; home furnishings/accessories and household appliances, mother and baby, as well as food/restaurant reviews. Tattooed Tealady will not feature or work with brands whose products and target audience are not related to the theme of Tattooed Tealady.

Tattooed Tealady is happy to work alongside brands on campaigns and new product launches, website advertising and brand promotions, as well as providing content within the brand's time-frame. However, if a feature is required on or by a certain date this must be specified in the initial communications; otherwise, the feature will go live according to the schedule of Tattooed Tealady. Please ensure your brand, products, and request are a good fit before contacting me.

To discuss a collaboration, request my media kit or rate card, please contact me directly:

There are certain collaborations, features, and products which Tattooed Tealady does not currently accept. 

Tattooed Tealady does not sell follow links under any circumstances and requests to do so will be ignored. Tattooed Tealady is a blog inclusive of all ages and does not feature products or brands of explicit content or products, brands, and companies aimed at 18+. All content follows the guidelines of both Google and the ASA; this is non-negotiable.

*By UK Law, permission must be given by an individual before being added to a mailing list of any type - Please do not add this contact email to a mailing list without permission.
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