My health and fitness goals for 2021

11 Jan 2021

I know. January is the worst time to share health and fitness goals if you don't want people to assume you've fallen victim to diet culture; but I'm not here to share this year's ambitions because I think my fat body is unworthy or because society has sold me a new fad diet. I'm here to share the personal goals I've set for myself this year, because over the past 5 or so months I have seen a real change in the way I think and feel about myself, all a positive consequence of becoming more active. Becoming active is something that has become a happy new addition to my life, I'm creating new habits that just so happen to be healthy, and my happiness has soared. This isn't about diet culture. This is about me.

Health and Fitness Goals for 2021

I'm pushing myself to be more consistent
Consistency is key, right? Whilst I really pushed myself to be as active as possible in autumn 2020, there were days when I didn't have the motivation, didn't move much or do anything particularly active, and always ended up regretting it when I got into bed that night. I am an absolute cliché when it comes to exercise, feeling an instant improvement in how I feel. I can go out for a walk, or start a workout, feeling absolutely horrendous and in the depths of a depressive mood; yet within minutes of walking, getting my heart rate up, getting sweaty, I feel better. I genuinely feel mentally and emotionally happier when I have worked out in some way or other, and so I want to ensure that this year I am more consistent and work physical activity into my everyday routine. 

I want to step outside of my comfort zone
Back in August when I started becoming more and more active, it was of course stepping majorly outside of my comfort zone - but I'm confident pushing myself in my boot camp workouts, and I'm confident going for super long walks whatever the weather, even if I am wearing my dad's old raincoat. No, what I mean by stepping outside of my comfort zone, is trying forms of exercise I have so far shied away from, because I think my fat body is incapable. Or wearing whatever workout gear I feel most comfortable, and confident, in, regardless of whether society thinks fat people shouldn't wear active wear. My body isn't the typical body you see in active wear, but damn right I'll be comfortable whilst working out, and I love that my wardrobe is now heavy with different brands, styles and patterns. I want to be able to share photos of myself working out or simply wearing my favourite active wear brands because they make me feel good, and not worry about what others might think. 

I need to remember why I'm doing this
I'm not doing it because of the toxic 'New Year New Me' rhetoric. I'm not doing it because people make comments about my size. I'm not doing it because I find it difficult to find nice clothes on the high street. I'm not doing it because anyone has actually told me too - I'm doing it because I want to be healthier, physically and mentally. I spent so many years not doing anything about my health, which is intrinsically tied in to my weight, because I was fearful of what others would say about being a fat woman that was losing weight, and all I achieved was making my body suffer. 

Diet culture absolutely exists. Fatphobia absolutely exists. But vehemently being against these things shouldn't mean I risk my health in the process. I'm moving more because I want to live a relatively long life. I want to be able to keep up with my children. I want to treat my body with love, which is not what I was doing before. I'm doing this for me, I'm doing this for my daughters. 

I never expected to be so focused on health and fitness, and I am genuinely excited to see my hard work pay off this year.