Autumn brings a sense of calm

1 Oct 2020

It's such a cliché, isn't it? To feel content as the cooler days hit, leaves turn crisp and Autumn officially begins. Whilst this third season of the year brings warm tones of browns and orange, this in-between time after a searing Summer and before the coldest Winter months have us wondering if we'll see snow, a sense of calm washes over me. I'm not sure when this love-affair with Autumn began, perhaps when I was at University and felt the calm sweep over London as the seasons changed and everything slows down, or maybe when my enjoyment in the run up to Christmas as a family of four was something I started to yearn for all year round, but I truly do adore it. Autumn, is my season.

A picture of a toddler wearing floral wellies and leggings in a pale pink winter coat pumpkin picking at Wymeswold Fruit Farm on a grey, wet autumn afternoon.

This year is different, though. The days I count down to, Halloween, Bonfire Night and December 1st as I plan an exciting festive month ahead, it's all different this year. In a time of Covid-19, when everything feels so uncertain and times we'd spend with family and friends are snatched from us, reluctantly with caution. We have to do things differently this year, we have to get creative, and we have to do so whilst trying to hold onto hope. 

Traditions I'd put so much into since having children, have to change. We can't go trick-or-treating, crowds at Bonfire Night would be risky, Santa trips are off the cards. And whilst at first the thought of having these moments stolen from me left me feeling disquiet, wondering how I could recompense, as those fire like leaves fall to the ground around us, I feel calm. There are other ways to celebrate, other traditions we can create, memories will be made whether in the warmth of our family home or queuing in a garden centre to see Saint Nic. 

And so I've started this Autumn by making lists. Lists of the good things, lists of things to be thankful for, lists of things to read, lists of things to try. Bucket lists for Autumn and rainy day activities to see us through a season usually filled with cold whipped rosy cheeks and warm smiles of our loved ones. Lists of things to bake, lists of things to make and lists of films to watch under blankets with warm sweet homemade popcorn, that the girls will excitedly listen to pop on the stove. 

This Autumn, the rules have changed, routine is misplaced and whilst I yearn for the simplicity of life pre-Covid, that actually always seemed disordered, I am thankful for the memories my family will make within our home these next few months ahead, and hopeful that we will stay safe and secure, as we ride out the storm we never could have predicted. 

I'll seek out the moments of calm, and maybe next Autumn will feel safe and ordinary again.