The day she started primary school

1 Sept 2020

It's been just over five years since I nervously hit publish on a blog post sharing our news, that we were expecting our first baby, our growing little Gizmo. Fast forward to today and the baby that made me a Mother, has started primary school.

A picture of a toddler feeding ducks.
I've been really nervous about today, like almost every parent in the world right now; sending your child to school during a global pandemic is a scary thing to do, especially as no one can seem to agree on whether it's even safe or not. But the nerves about my eldest daughter starting her formal education outweighed my worries over Covid-19. Would she like it? Would she settle in well? Would she make friends? Would our relationship change as she starts full time school?

Getting Willow ready this morning in her uniform, making sure her hair was nicely done, reminding her that lots of children will be nervous and shy today and it's OK to ask her teacher if she is feeling unsure about anything, it was surreal. I'm now the parent of a school girl, and it really has come around so much quicker than I thought possible. It seems like only yesterday I was spending  my first night alone with her in hospital, it feels like a minute ago that she started walking and talking. And now, here she is, starting reception and embarking on at least 13 years of education ahead.

It's such a big day, such a big milestone to reach, and I know it's a day I will never forget. Walking her to school for her very first day, as we queued up with all the other children and parents - socially distanced, of course -, before waving her off. Trying to hold back tears and trying even harder not to worry about if she'd be OK. Of course she was, I knew she would be, but this mama was still on edge all day waiting for her little baby to finish and come home to tell me all about her day, even if I had to coax it out of her with leading questions!

So now, as she's tucked up in bed, I'm going to settle down and write in her Letters to my Baby book, about how her very first day at school went. Because one day, she might be a parent herself, experiencing her own children's first day at school, and I want her to look back on today and remember how much fun she had, and how unbelievably proud of her we are, every single day.