The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream

3 Jul 2020

Eye creams are an important step for me in my skincare routine as the delicate skin around my eyes is a favourite for my eczema; I need something that is going to help hydrate the area more than anything, but as I creep into my 30's, I also need something that will be kind to my ageing skin and lack of sleep. I found myself interested in The Organic Pharmacy products back when I was at University in London, and their Lip & Eye Cream has become a surprising favourite.

A picture of The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream
First things first, I really didn't enjoy this as a lip cream and only tried it this way a couple of times. The texture just didn't sit right with me on my lips, but it was the eye cream aspect I was interested in when I decided to give it a try, so I wasn't too disappointed that I couldn't get the multipurpose aspect out of this product.

The reason I wasn't a fan of it as a lip cream, is the formula. A balm-like texture which when massaged into the skin becomes luxuriously soft and nourishing. Not so great for lips, but perfect for dehydrated eyes. The ingredients include reviving Eyebright, Fennel and Bilberry, with healing Aloe Vera and a subtle scent of Frankincense. 

I've finished the entire 10ml now, I didn't expect to love it as much as I did but I this is definitely going on the favourites list. I found it perfect for my morning skincare routine, and night use if I was straying from my beloved Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye. It was fine for under makeup, if anything helping my concealer apply really nicely, and my I did find the delicate skin around my eye felt hydrated throughout the day, with or without makeup. It's not a particularly budget-friendly option, £29 for 10ml, but it lasts a surprisingly long time and really did see a difference when using it consistently. So much so, I would splurge and repurchase again in the future. 

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