The Cookbook Shelf: Super Easy One Pound Meals

9 Jul 2020

I really enjoy buying cookbooks that are visually pleasing. For me, if I'm going to be enticed into making a recipe, or even persuaded to buy a cookbook in the first place, then I need nice big photos of the meals I am making. Simple instructions help, too, I'm not one to go to the effort of making anything too fancy as we stick to budget brands in more budget supermarkets and don't have any unusual ingredients in the house as standard, unless we plan for them. 

I like recipe books that I can pick up and easily find a meal on the spot, and one Chef I came across by chance on Instagram, fits the bill perfectly.

A picture of Migeul Barclay's Super Easy One Pound Meals Cookbook
Now a favourite go-to Chef of mine for cookbooks, Miguel Barclay creates easily accessible and inclusive cookbooks where each portion for one person, costs no more than £1. For people on a budget, that's a decent price point whilst also creating meals that are nutritious, tasty and often, incredibly quick and easy to make. 

Super Easy One Pound Meals is one of my most reached for cookbooks, with family favourites including the Veggie Black Bean Chilli, Cheese & Potato Hotpot, Welsh Rarebit, and our biggest favourite, the Cubetti Hotpot (especially as the mince filling is so versatile, can be made in bulk to chuck in the freezer and easily make other meals too)

Recipes are simple with very easy to follow instructions, nothing is too time consuming to prepare and cook. Super Easy One Pound Meals offers affordable meals cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients (although worth remembering that those on low incomes and for those in poverty in the UK, many findividuals and families have far less money to stretch, with no choice but to make food that costs less than £1 per person), it's such a great cookbook for adding more flavour into mealtimes and a great one for trying new recipes to keep little ones excited about food.

I am always raving about the Miguel Barlcay cookbooks and have a good few on my cookbook shelf now, I really recommend following him on Instagram (@MiguelBarclay) for recipes, how-to's and new cookbook releases. The variety of flavours and cuisines in his cookbooks are always a joy to see and his cookbooks are without a doubt, my families favourites.

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