Small Changes: We have a milkman now

1 Jul 2020

For a few years now I have ummed and ahhed about making more eco-friendly changes in our home and everyday lives, feeling, like many, the heavy guilt of being a human being that has contributed to the destruction of our planet, whilst also a bit bewildered as to where to start making positive changes.

Milk & More Milkman Deliveries
We've been mostly using eco-friendly dishwasher tablets, liquid washing capsules and fabric conditioner, but not much more than that has stood the test of time and remained a long-lasting eco-friendly swap. Change can be overwhelming though, and when looking into changes we can make as a family, I've often been left so overwhelmed, I've given up and made a mental note to get back to it another time. Lockdown was that time.

I decided that of all the changes we could realistically make, changing how we get our milk is an easy starting point to quickly cut a lot of plastic out of our lives. It's an easy swap because we still get the same product at the end of it (if not better quality, direct from local farmers), just in glass bottles instead of plastic containers. 

We used to have a milkman many years ago, but when we became a family, we were getting through so much milk it just wasn't financially possible for us to continue with a milkman, and instead, we bought big containers of milk from the local supermarket or corner shop. Now that both girls have less milk and Hadley is starting to have fewer bottles, we can go back to buying milk in bottles from the milkman. A small change, but one I am very happy about - because it's a small change that also supports our local farmers. 

It helps reduce our plastic consumption, and whilst it can cost us more when you take into account the price difference between supermarket milk in plastic cartons and a service like Milk & More, it does stop us having to pop to the shop for milk and ending up spending more than necessary because of the minimum spend policy for card payments; overall, the switch has saved us money.

If it's within your budget, something like swapping to a milkman is a pretty easy hassle-free swap to make. You probably have Milk & More in your area too, but it might be worth checking if there are any smaller, local independent milk delivery services in your area. It could even be more cost-effective to go with a smaller independent company; switching to a milkman is not the cheapest of switches (actually, I've noticed a lot of eco-friendly switches are really not budget-friendly, but we'll discuss that another time), so I appreciate it won't be within everyone's means. 

Whilst it's just a small change, it's one of many small changes we're starting to make in our home and I'm really excited to finally be getting to work on making changes I've put off for far too long. It's also making us have some conversations as a family, about what we would and wouldn't be willing to swap, and chatting to Willow about why the changes we're making are better for us and the planet.

If you've made any eco-friendly swaps, why not let me know what your favourite eco-friendly swaps have been? You can find me on Instagram @TattooedTealady, Twitter @TattooedTealady and my Facebook page Tattooed Tealady.