Revisiting Pixi Glow Tonic

7 Jul 2020

It's been nearly 7 years since I first tried Pixi Glow Tonic, at the age of 25 when I didn't have many skin concerns and had pretty easy to manage skin. At the time, after desperately wanting to try a product which had quickly become a cult favourite among beauty bloggers, I didn't find myself falling in love with it like everyone else and I dismissed it as not worth the hype. Now, as I am about to turn 32, I am swallowing my words.

A picture of Pixi Glow Tonic 5% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Toner
Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid (5%), Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Fructose and Sucrose.
Firstly, before I go revisit my thoughts on what is still a cult product all these years later,  I want to discuss the difference in the packaging of Pixi Glow Tonic since I first tried it. Back when I bought my first Glow Tonic in person at the little store in Soho, London, it came in a big chunky plastic bottle and a plain label; it just didn't look as nice as my other skincare products. A couple of years back the entire Pixi range underwent a revamp and now the product range looks stylish yet perfectly simple. I'm a big fan of the new(ish) look.
What does it do? Glycolic Acid works to exfoliate and purify skin, whilst Ginseng helps to give a boost to circulation and leave skin feeling energised. Helping along cell renewal, Aloe Vera works to hydrate and soothe skin, whilst Fructose and Sucrose help make skin look brighter. 
Back when I first tried Glow Tonic, I wanted to try it because it was a really popular product that loads of people I turned to for skincare advice and reviews would rave about, so I really wanted to see what the hype was all about. Realistically, it wasn't a product my skin needed at that time and so it was no wonder I didn't find myself seeing many benefits or finding it worth the hype at all. Now is a very different story, my skin needs have changed, and my skin has aged too; now my experiences of using Glow Tonic are very different, as are the results I'm seeing.
Application: Suitable for use on all skin types, it can be used for both your AM and PM routines (I recommend ensuring you're wearing a good SPF with use of any exfoliating toner like this), applying with a cotton pad. 
Now I use Glow Tonic and I not only see the differences, I feel them. Using Glow Tonic consistently really helps keep my skin smooth, helps keep the ever-enlarging pores around my nose clearer and leaves my skin looking much fresher than it should after disruptive sleep from two toddlers. To be quite honest, I'm that in love with it now, I've invested in the large 500ml pump bottle. 

I felt it was important to write a second review of Glow Tonic, because it shows that some products really are better suited to specific skin needs as well as skin types. What didn't work for me in my mid-20's is now an integral part of my skincare routine and it's a product I always look forward to using, because I know I'm going to be happy with the results.

Have you ever tried a product that didn't work when you were younger, but now you're older, it seems to be perfect? You can let me know on Instagram @TattooedTealady, on Twitter @TattooedTealady or over on the Tattooed Tealady Facebook page!