A temporary new normal

2 Apr 2020

At the beginning of the week, Willow and I filled our dining table with paper and paints and got to work making a rainbow for our window. A rainbow that anyone passing by would see, to hopefully brighten their day. Lots of homes all over the UK have been popping up their own rainbows for all to see, and it was something that Willow and I really enjoyed doing for our own window.

A picture of a toddler painting a rainbow

I don't think many of us would have predicted that we'd experience a pandemic in 2020, not to this scale, where whole Countries are shut down. I had started the year with real optimism and excitement for what the year could bring, I had so many exciting plans for spring and summer, things I wanted to do with the girls now that Hadley is walking and running around. Instead, we've months ahead with nothing but time together, in our home, and it's something I'm not quite sure how to feel about.

It's lovely to have my family all home together, I love when we're all home together, and it's nice not to worry about either of us going to work or feeling like we're on a tight timescale. It's a freedom that, as adults, we've never experienced before and I can only imagine how unusual it feels to Willow, who had settled into weekday sessions at playgroup. But at a cost.

I'd much rather there wasn't a deadly virus all over the world, and the thought of so many suffering from the virus and the rising numbers of those who have passed, it adds an overwhelming sense of worry, confusion and fear. Not knowing when this will start to calm down, having no idea whether Willow will even get to go back to playgroup, or whether she'll just start reception in September. It's new territory to all of us, a completely new normal and we have no idea how long it'll last.

However long it does last, if I spend every day at home letting my health anxiety take lead, it will be a miserable experience for all of us. So I need to try and take charge, add some order and normality to our days, sorta loose schedule for our days and make the most of this unique time at home together.

I'm trying to do as much with Willow as I can to keep her learning and aid her development whilst she's away from her playgroup setting, making sure Hadley can take part too with a couple of small changes to any more grown-up activities, whilst also making sure we have as much fun as we can.

I'm trying to make this time as memorable as I can for the girls, whilst getting through it as an adult that needs to keep responsible and not panic. It's been two weeks now and some days have been easy, in fact, the time has flown by a little and we keep losing track of what day it is, but there are also days where the boredom takes over or wanting to go outside and do something is overwhelming.

I'm going to try and make our new normal work, and hopefully, keep my family and myself safe in the process.

I wish you all the same - stay safe x