Our Family Almanacs

9 Mar 2020

For a couple of years now I have been making sure to buy Willow a yearly Almanac, and this year I decided to buy one for myself too. I thought they would be worth sharing because they have made a really wonderful addition to our at-home library; Willow actively asks if we can read more of her Almanac.

A picture of a children's nature almanac

National Trust: 2020 Nature Month-by-Month: A children's Almanac
I have always bought the same Almanac for Willow, although updated each year, which is created by The National Trust. Wonderfully colourful and inviting for young readers, the illustrations throughout are so lovely. Every single page of the 190-page Almanac is full of beautiful illustrations and it really helps with little ones, as it can give them visual ideas and understanding of what you're reading about.

The book is split into 12 sections, one for each month of the year, and each month includes special dates which fall within that month, anniversaries of things that happened in the past, religious festivals and special events. They're is full of information about what is going on seasonally, what animals you could expect to see, recipes, nature spotting guides, indoor and outdoor craft ideas as well as activities you can do - and so much more!

It's been an invaluable asset in getting Willow excited about nature, about being outdoors, learning about the world around her away from TV screens and plastic toys. It's also handy if you like to do lots of at-home activities and crafts, as you can plan things to do around the information included for that month.

The Almanac: A seasonal guide to 2020
This is the first year I have also bought myself an Almanac, as well as The National Trust one for Willow. Mainly because I fell in love with the cover; whilst more mature in style, the illustrations on the cover and featured within my very own Almanac, are just so very lovely.

I find it quite different from the children's Almanac. The information is more grown-up, still including important dates and events to remember, but with a lot of focus on the moon, the sea, sunrises and sunsets, recipes, information for green-fingered gardeners, songs and a 'charm of the month'.

Whilst the children's Almanac is printed in colour throughout, my Almanac is black and white, including the illustrations; I don't mind and find it doesn't take away from the Almanac itself; it's just as interesting to read as Willow's.

Having Almanac's in our at-home library has been fab at helping us learn more about the world around us, and it's really encouraged Willow when it comes to learning more about nature, particularly birds which she loves spotting and identifying when we're out and about. If you're wanting to get out more or just want some more ideas for things to do throughout the year and in different seasons, Almanac's are lovely to have and great for all the family.

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