My Fairy Garden Review

4 Mar 2020

Ah, TV adverts, they know how to entice their target audiences, don't they? Whilst Willow is usually a Cbeebies fan, we often like to have Milkshake! on in the mornings, which comes with lots of glorious toy adverts. Of course, as with most toddlers, what follows this is "Can I have one of those please mummy?", to which I always reply, "Maybe! We'll see.". Most things get forgotten about, but one particular advert has a song that I spent far too long trying to get out of my head and for once, it was something I actually didn't mind the look of - My Fairy Garden. I searched online for where was best to get a good deal on them, then ordered one for her 4th birthday in January.

A picture of My Fairy Garden Flowers Edition

I opted for a fairly basic My Fairy Garden; they have quite an extensive range and some of them are bigger, some smaller, some look absolutely fantastic and so much fun, but I wanted to start off small with Willow, especially as this is the first 'toy' that she's had like it. I ordered flower edition fairy garden from Amazon, where I found it cheapest at around a third off the price of other retailers.

It's safe to say Willow was over the moon when she unwrapped it on her birthday, and she even went so far as to say it was her favourite birthday present, which was a relief! Putting it together was easy, and fun, relatively stress-free considering I had garden compost on the dining table, but it made a lovely activity for a rainy afternoon when Hadley was napping. We worked together as a team to set it all up and it now proudly sits on our kitchen windowsill. Contrary to the picture, it's grown grass, lots of grass actually, since I took this photo - I've had to trim it twice!

I actually think My Fairy Garden is quite sweet, it's something that I definitely would have enjoyed myself as a child, and more long-lasting than a lot of short-life toys that get one use before being lost and forgotten about. I like that it has a slight educational aspect too; the grass doesn't just magically appear (although I'm sure there are toys that do just that!), you have to sow the seeds, water them, give them sunlight, and wait patiently for them to grow. That's a big ask for a 4-year old that doesn't quite understand time the same way that adults do, but it helped Willow to learn that things take time, grass seeds won't grow without the right circumstances and when it does grow, it's worth the wait!

The one and only downside is that with this particular set, it's been difficult to make Willow understand that you can't really play with it as such - I think some of the bigger sets look like they would work to actually play with, but with this one, it isn't ideal as you end up disrupting the grass and soil ends up everywhere.

I would definitely consider buying another, larger set, one that she could play with and have extra fairies and creatures with. It's also something I would be happy to buy as a birthday or Christmas present for other children, as I think the premise of it is overall, quite lovely!

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