Books for New Siblings

13 Mar 2020

One of the questions I was asked the most when I was pregnant with Hadley, was how we were preparing Willow, who was 2 years and 9 months when Hadley was born, to become a big sister. Having a new sibling, especially when you're used to being an only child, is a huge adjustment to make and we wanted to make Willow understand as best as she could for her age.
A picture of the You're the Biggest Children's Book
A picture of the Rachel Fuller Baby Books
It's no secret Willow and I are complete bookworms, so it seemed natural to use books to help Willow get used to the idea of becoming a Big Sister (especially as books helped so much when it came to Willow overcoming swimming water wobbles) and get her head around how our lives would change as a family when Hadley arrived.

Rachel Fuller has a lovely series of books all about new babies and siblings, of which I bought three; Waiting for Baby, My New Baby and You and Me. These are all board books, quite short and when they arrived, we realised they were possibly more suited to babies and toddlers a little younger than Willow. They are not stories as such, but each page in each book has a statement which you can use to help encourage conversation with your little one about your expectant arrival and it's also a nice way to make them feel a bit more involved.

As we found the Fuller books a little younger than expected for Willow, I decided to find another one which might be a little more age-appropriate and found You're the Biggest by Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson. It's a beautiful story, which comes in hardcover with paper pages and lovely illustrations and was much better suited to Willow's age.

It helped Willow to understand what an important role she plays in us growing our family and the wonderful relationship her and her Hadley can have together. I'm so glad I found this one, it will make a lovely keepsake for Willow and I am very tempted to buy the Welcome to the World book from the series, for Hadley.

How did you let your older children know they would be having a sibling, and what to expect as a new older sibling? Let me know over on Twitter @TattooedTealady, on my Tattooed Tealady Facebook page or Instagram @TattooedTealady!