An unapologetic 2020

4 Jan 2020

As 2019 was drawing to a close I started to ask people what their New Years Resolutions would be, as I wasn't sure I was going to make any for 2020. For as long as I can remember, I've made New Year's Resolutions, whether they've been written down and set in stone, shared publicly to shame myself into getting them done, or just ideas that have floated around my head. Yet I cannot recall one single year where each and every resolution was met. Am I approaching New Year Resolutions the wrong way?

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For whatever reason, when its come to picking my resolutions - particularly since I have been using the Internet and sharing said resolutions publicly -, my choices, whilst tailored to me, have always had other people in mind. Would this seem like a good resolution? Was it 'on trend'? Would I achieve it in maximum time, gaining approval from others? Whilst my resolutions have always been about me, they weren't truly tailored to me. So this year, as we enter 2020 and I head towards my 32nd year on this earth, I'm going to do things a little differently. I'm going to make my New Year Resolutions unapologetically selfish.

Actually read more books.
Year after year, this one pops up and I set it with the best intentions, but then I rarely give myself time to actually read more books. It shouldn't be that hard, I used to get through entire books in a day and would read dozens of books throughout the year. Then adulthood happened and with two children, a job and a home to keep ticking smoothly, it doesn't leave me much time for any self-indulgent tasks, and free time to read more books does, unfortunately, fall in the self-indulgent task's category. But, there's something I want to change this year which might help...

Get a proper bedtime routine in place.
And I mean for me, not the girls. I am absolutely terrible for staying up until the early hours of the morning, I've always been a night owl and with two children that sleep well, it's never been something I've actively had to give up doing, but I think now is the time to get a bit more mature about my bedtime routine. I figure if I go to bed earlier, turning off all technology (more on that later), then I may actually get time to read more books as well as getting a proper night's sleep. Win-win!

Put my phone down more.
This is something I really struggle with, to the point where I can mindlessly scroll through the same feed over and over, and over again. For hours. My phone has always been a security blanket of sorts; if I have it close by, I can get help if I need it. Yet it's also something which negatively contributes towards my overall happiness and mental wellbeing. I have had enough of scrolling through apps and seeing the same posts over and over again. It's time for a social media cleanse, and proper app time restrictions that I stick to. And phone off before bed! That's definitely a priority for 2020.

Give myself a bit of guilt-free time.
I do have time 'to myself' most days, but I always end up using that time to get stuff done. So many people tell me I need to give myself more time to just relax, to sit and do nothing, to read, to enjoy an indulgent bubble bath, all these things that I know would hugely benefit my mental health if I just allowed myself the time to concentrate on myself and not the never-ending to-do lists. So I want to make time for me in 2020. I want to enjoy guilt-free indulgent time for myself. Even if I have to plan it in my diary to make the time for it!

So, no grand plans to change the world or become businesswoman of the year, but resolutions that I hope will have a hugely positive effect on my mental health in the long run. What are you hoping for from 2020?

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