Hadley's Splash Babies Adventures | AD

16 Jan 2020

When we had Hadley, we knew that starting swimming lessons like Willow had was really important to us. As the only sport that can save a life, it's paramount to us as parents that both of our girls can swim well. Having seen Willow excel in her weekly Splash Babies classes, we decided to start Hadley early and give her the best chance possible at mastering swimming at a young age.

A picture of a baby learning to swim with Splash Babies Leicestershire based swimming classes

A picture of a baby learning to swim with Splash Babies Leicestershire based swimming classes

Whilst Willow has always been fairly confident with swimming, only experiencing the dreaded water wobbles for a short space of time after a good year of swimming, our start to swimming was Hadley wasn't quite as successful as Willow's had been. She seemed to really struggle with the new environment, and how wonderfully fun and busy the Splash Babies classes are.

For the first few weeks, it was constant tears and she really wasn't a happy baby; it was difficult for me to sit back and watch, as I just wanted to cuddle her and reassure her, but I knew that keeping back and letting Martyn and the incredible Splash Babies swimming instructor work their magic, would work out for the best. And it did! About halfway through her first term, she really started to enjoy her lessons. She would get excited when we'd arrive and she'd see the pool, and smile and laugh during lessons.

Since then she's been full steam ahead, really getting stuck in with her lessons and all the great activities our swimming instructor puts on for them. She loves using the floats, which help her learn to be more independent in the water, as well as playing all the games they do in classes which can help with motor skills, helping to build up her strength and, as is now thankfully plain to see in her swimming lessons, really building her confidence in the water. She even enjoys submergence, which I was worried she wouldn't be keen on after her initial reaction to the water.

After a couple of terms with Splash Babies, Hadley is already instinctively kicking out her legs when swimming around the pool, trying to propel herself forwards. We're super impressed with the progress she's made so far and feel very lucky to have two little ones who, although each wary at times, now absolutely love the water. Swimming with Splash Babies gives us confidence as parents, that we can go swimming together or on holiday with pools and water, and know the girls would enjoy themselves as well as being able to swim safely together as a family. I can't wait to see how Hadley progresses over the coming months!

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