Christmas at Goodliffes, Loughborough

4 Dec 2019

I am a sucker for Christmas traditions and something I have been doing for many years now is arranging Christmas meals throughout the festive season with friends and family. We will have family come to ours for a Christmas style dinner with all the trimmings, whilst with friends, we pick our favourite Christmas menus and book somewhere to go for a meal together. It's a nice way to see out the year with a festive celebration, spending time with those who have been a big part of my life throughout the year.
A review of Goodliffes Loughborough
A review of Goodliffes Loughborough Christmas Menu
A review of Goodliffes Loughborough Christmas Menu
A review of Goodliffes Loughborough Christmas Menu
A review of Goodliffes Loughborough Christmas Menu
Take a look through my Instagram and you will be no stranger to my love for Goodliffes, as it's my favourite venue in my local town for a scrumptious breakfast. I first discovered Goodliffes way back in 2012, since introducing a lot of friends and family members to my favourite little bistro; venturing there for Christmas meals this year seemed like an obvious choice.

The Christmas menu for this year had a lovely but modest selection for lunchtime and evening bookings, which offers enough variety for different tastes. I always find it difficult picking my menu choices, as everything sounds so scrumptious, and the Goodliffes Christmas menu was no different, but with two visits planned over the festive season, it means I get to be glutenous and try a couple of different choices, which my taste buds are very grateful for.

The presentation is, as always, beautiful. I really think that food which is presented well can enhance the dining experience and that is always the case at Goodliffes. Flavour-wise, well, let's just say I was in absolute foody heaven!

The Glazed Goats Cheese starter was a taste sensation, which left my tastebuds so happy, I changed my order for my second Christmas meal so I could have it again. A generous helping of goats cheese on a perfectly crunchy granary crouton with dressed rocket, tomato chutney, beetroot carpaccio and balsamic reduction, absolutely perfect. My main of Grilled Fillet of Seabass had the most lovely combination of delicate flavours with the fillet of sea bass, buttered kale and spring onion potato cake, whilst the caper cream sauce was the most delectable finishing touch, I would happily devour this main course again. Last but not least, I opted for the Wild Berry Cheesecake for my dessert, with Bailey's Chantilly cream, poached strawberries and chocolate sauce. It was a really light way to finish a glutenous evening of dining.

A little touch that Goodliffes have taken this year, which absolutely deserves a mention, is their change to festive traditions. Rather than providing Christmas diners with Christmas crackers, something we're all used to seeing at our Christmas meals, Goodliffes are trying to be more environmentally friendly and instead, providing little favours housed in cardboard envelopes, which include mint chocolate, paper hats and a discount card for 20% off of a returning visit to Goodliffes in January 2020. I think this is a great step from Goodliffes and something I'd love to see all venues in Loughborough consider.

Goodliffes itself is a lovely venue, a little bistro tucked into Church Gate in Loughborough, it's always busy, yet still has that hidden gem quality to it. The decor is beautiful, cosy and inviting yet sophisticated and unique. The Goodliffes team are always polite, helpful and accommodating, the customer service has always been wonderful there and we are always made to feel welcome, even when we have a toddler and baby in tow!

If you're local and yet to give Goodliffes a visit, I cannot recommend it enough. It's a real gem in our town, where the quality of both food and service is high. I can't wait to head back for my second Christmas meal of the season!