Christmas Eve Box Alternative

16 Nov 2019

I adore Christmas Eve and like to make it as magical as possible. Even before I had my own family, Christmas Eve was always something special in the build-up to Christmas Day, but now I do have children of my own, it's even more important to me that Christmas Eve is full of festive cheer and wonder.

A picture of a personalised Christmas Eve bag

I've lusted after one of those big, personalised, beautifully festive wooden Christmas Eve boxes for years now, ever since they became all the more popular over here in the UK. The only problem being, they seem to be extortionately priced and when Christmas is already a pretty expensive time of year, I've just not been able to justify them, especially now we have two littles. I looked into making my own, but even then it would only be slightly cheaper, and where would I find the time for all that painting, glueing and sticking?

In previous years I've made do; for Willow's first Christmas, I used a cheap wicker basket, so cheap in fact it barely held itself together when all the Christmas Eve goodies were inside and certainly didn't last long enough to see in the New Year. For her second Christmas, I went with a rather sturdy 'Christmas Eve' gift box from The Range, but it didn't fit much in and didn't have quite the effect I was going for.

Then last year, whilst making sure I had absolutely everything for Christmas organised by the end of October, with Hadley's arrival early November, I came across something different, a lovely little alternative to super expensive Christmas Eve boxes; Christmas Eve bags! One, in particular, caught my eye whilst I had been browsing Etsy for anything within my budget, as I was smitten at first sight! I ordered one for each of the girls, personalised with their names and a little message from mummy and daddy.

When I bought mine last year I managed to snap them up with a discount code (anyone else noticed that if you have something in your Etsy basket for a while, you're sent a discount code to tempt you to buy it?) and as it cost me less than £17 for both bags, personalised, including delivery, I wasn't holding out hope that they would be amazing, but I did hope they'd be as lovely as they looked in the pictures. Thankfully, when they arrived I was super impressed. Really lovely quality, made from cotton with a drawstring close and beautiful typography in black with gold stars. They're very roomy, too, measuring 40cm by 50cm, so you can easily fit a lot in.

If you want something special to mark Christmas Eve but don't quite want to fork out for personalised Christmas Eve boxes, then this is a really lovely alternative. I purchased mine from JustBeautifulGifts on Etsy, who has a lovely Christmas range, but there's a good selection of Christmas Eve bags on Etsy if you want something a little different in design!