Milkshake! Live Tour Review

26 Jun 2019

Willow is a fan of watching Milkshake! in the morning and I let her pop it on whilst I sort breakfast and milk for the girls and get us ready for the day. At Christmas I decided I wanted to plan and book a few things to do in 2019, that would be engaging for Willow, but also suit us as a family of four with a baby and toddler to consider. Our local town hall puts on shows and acts throughout the year, but we'd never made a visit, so it was first on my list of things we could do together.

I booked our tickets to go along and see Milkshake! Live in April and we told Willow about a week before, so when the day finally came around, she was so excited. I was a little nervous taking Hadley to a live show; we didn't take Willow to the cinema until she was two and a half, whereas Hadley was just 4 months old at the time. We opted for the early afternoon show which was the second show of the day, and it was still packed with practically every seat full and lots of excited children and families.

The show itself was in two parts, with a short interval which is ideal with little ones, as it gives you a chance to dash them to the toilet and get drinks and snacks sorted. The show was 'Milkshake! Monkey's Musical', which is a brand new show perfect for preschoolers. There are two presenters from Milkshake! who are on stage throughout; we had Derek Moran and Olivia Birchenough, but I think as the tour goes on, different presenters take centre stage, so best to check who will be performing for your preferred venue!

The story of the show is all about Milkshake! Monkey and the show he wants to put on, but he needs a little help from friends to practise his dancing, singing and instruments. The show includes characters from shows on Milkshake! that cater to all littles, regardless of their favourite show, including Digby Dragon, Fireman Sam, Floogals, Nella the Princess Knight, Noddy, Shimmer & Shine and Wissper.

It was Willow's first theatre show experience and so she was taking it all in and mostly sat and watched, but she did get up and dance like lots of the other children and she got involved with the singing and calling out clues and answers when asked by the characters on stage. It was actually fun for all four of us, because it was lovely to see Willow enjoying herself so much, the whole experience was perfect sensory entertainment for Hadley and we all got involved and had a lovely time.

It also gave me flashbacks to seeing Sooty in the early '90s in Nottingham with my mum and brother! Anyone else?!

I'm really glad I booked it, even if it's far from my days of Rock City gigs and festivals, I would definitely look to take the girls again next year if they are still watching Milkshake! and it's given me the show bug - I want to book more shows and events we can enjoy together as a family this year!

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*Photo is entirely irrelevant, as you're not allowed to take photos at the show, so instead I'm using this beautiful photo from the children's room at our local library. I talk more about utilising our community libraries over on the Tattooed Tealady Facebook Page