Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Pod Review | AD

29 May 2019

One baby product which has always piqued my interest is the Sleepyhead. They look fabulous, parents absolutely rave about them and they seem to be an incredibly popular item on the baby market. When given the opportunity to put the famous Sleepyhead to the test with Hadley, we were super excited to give it a try - would it be as amazing as everyone says it is?
A picture of the Sleepyhead Mrs Mighetto Lovely Day Spare Cover
A picture of the Sleepyhead Mrs Mighetto Lovely Day Spare Cover

For those of you new to the Sleepyhead, it's a multifunctional 'pod' used for babies and toddlers. There's the Sleepyhead DELUXE+ Pod*, which is suitable for newborns up to 8 months, with the Sleepyhead GRAND Pod being suitable from 9 months up to 3 years. It has quite a few uses, being great for letting baby sleep (more advice on that later), rest, play, practice tummy time and if you're brave, it could even double up as the perfect spot for nappy changes.

The Sleepyhead itself is lightweight; it has a 100% cotton cover with 100% polyester filling, so no hassle to move from room to room, although it's important not to use the Sleepyhead itself to carry your little one around. They're great for using at home but would be perfect for travelling too, especially if you keep hold of the case that comes with it which would keep it clean and in shape whilst travelling. 

Handmade in Europe, all the materials used to create the Sleepyhead range are breathable, hypoallergenic with non-toxic properties, they offer great air-permeability, and one of my favourite benefits, the cover is washable! So perfect for any accidents or mess that needs cleaning up. 

Speaking of covers, there's also a huge range of changeable covers in the Sleepyhead range, giving you the option to go with something bolder than the crisp white cover the Sleepyhead is known for, changing it for something with more personality or even something to match your home decor. 

We opted for the Mrs Mighetto Lovely Day Spare Cover*, as I think Mrs Mighetto art is just absolutely beautiful and so unique, that even with so many gorgeous spare cover designs available, it seemed like the perfect one for Hadley, a magical and wondrous design. The Mrs Mighetto collaboration covers are limited edition, so if you have your eye on one, make sure to snap it up before it's too late! 

So the Sleepyhead is well made and beautifully designed, but is it really the must-have that people say it is? For us, it has truly been invaluable, and luckily, something Hadley seems to love! I've found it great for using upstairs on our bed for supervised daytime naps, but it's even more beneficial for us as a family when used downstairs, as it's a more secure way for us to have Hadley on the sofa and give me some time to use my hands for other important things like eating or reading Willow books. 

Although it took her a few days when newborn, she soon settled in it very quickly and we have never had any sign that she doesn't enjoy being in her Sleepyhead, in fact, sometimes when she wants a quick downstairs cat-nap, she will move towards her Sleepyhead to let me know she wants to lie down. She seems really comfortable in there and settles down quite well. 

I can have Hadley with me on one side in her Sleepyhead relaxed and snug, with Willow on the other side getting some much-needed mama attention too. Willow has been fantastic around the Sleepyhead (and Hadley, in general) and knows not to go onto the Sleepyhead itself or try and move it, so it also works well to make sure she doesn't get too over-excited and gives Hadley some space, whilst still being able to be attentive and close to her, which was a massive help when Hadley was still so little.

Safety wise, if used responsibly, I do think the Sleepyhead is a great addition. That said, I must mention the recent advise from The Lullaby Trust, who are not a fan of any kind of 'sleeping aid' like this; so whilst many parents do tend to use these as a sleeping device for babies and toddlers, I would strongly recommend that any sleep in the Sleepyhead is fully supervised and avoided completely overnight where a parent or responsible adult is not awake to supervise. We only use our Sleepyhead when one of us is with her and we often check her positioning, particularly around her head and face, as well as temperature.

We became aware of this advice prior to Hadley arriving so as a family, we have ensured all the time spent in the Sleepyhead has been supervised and as a benefit, not using it for overnight sleep has ensured that Hadley doesn't become reliant on it to sleep and she settles exceptionally well in her SnuzPod, which is set up in accordance with The Lullaby Trust Safe Sleep Guidelines.

Sleepyhead also have their own safety advice, which includes the above-mentioned safety advice for transporting the Sleepyhead around, ensuring you never do so whilst baby is using the Sleepyhead, as well as always ensuring you use your Sleepyhead in a child-safe and supervised environment, recommending you use the Sleepyhead fully supported on it's back, on an even, flat, firm and stable surface. 

Overall, I do adore our Sleepyhead. It's been great to use over the past 7 months and it has been one of our biggest must-have baby products second time around. If you've been looking into getting a Sleepyhead but weren't quite sure if they're worth the investment, although they are a luxury baby product, if it's within your price range I do think they're worth having, especially if like me you were recovering from a caesarean and need some hands-free time whilst recovering.

*Feature includes complimentary press samples sent for review; I have not been financially compensated for this feature. Please see my disclaimer for more information.