Mad about Matchstick Monkey

20 May 2019

We were expecting Hadley to start teething quite young, as we'd experienced it with Willow, who ended up with teeth before she started weaning at 6 months old. With Willow, we used some of the classics, like Sophie la Giraffe which I really treasured buying for her whilst pregnant. This time, I wanted to see if there was something just as good, but without the little hole that squeaky teethers have, wanting something I can feel more confident using, hygiene wise. Hadley started showing signs of teething around 9 weeks old and I had seen Matchstick Monkey reviewed a lot, so we decided we'd give it a go to see how she got on.

A Matchstick Monkey green silicone teether in the shape of a monkey

Matchstick Monkey isn't cheap, I definitely went for the 'dip my toes in' approach by going for the cheapest teether they had; I didn't want to spend an extortionate amount on a teether and then find out Hadley didn't get along with it. There were a few things that I liked when doing my research into their teethers which definitely helped sway me into making a purchase.

The design of the teether itself makes it very easy for babies to hold it and move around, it's a fun shape and I think it's more practical and logical when it comes to something a baby will chew until they're soaking their chops with dribble. Babies want something that's easy to grab, easy to hold and easy to chew relentlessly, and Matchstick Monkey definitely ticks the box on that one.

It's made using BPA free non-toxic, environmentally friendly FDA approved food grade silicone, which is very easy to clean and can even go in the dishwasher. It also comes in quite a glorious range of colours, I found it tricky picking my favourite but I love the vibrant green we went for. 

Hadley really loves this teether and I'm glad I gave Matchstick Monkey a go. It's nice to see a product live up to it's hype, we use ours every single day and it's our go-to when Hadley is struggling with teething.