6 Months of Hadley

19 May 2019

I can't quite wrap my head around Hadley being six months old. The last update I shared was One Month of Hadley, and as you can imagine five and a bit months later, she has drastically changed since her newborn days.
A picture of a baby

Hadley is just like her big sister. She sleeps exceptionally well, has started to get better at naps in the day time and she is such a happy, chilled out baby. She's slotted into our lives seamlessly and I simply cannot imagine a life without her (or much remember how we ever lived without her before!), she is just deliciously perfect. Our family just feels complete with her here.

I think you're much more relaxed with your second baby and so I have found it easier in a way, the second time around, as we've already done it all before. You already know what to expect and how to handle life with a baby. I'm less concerned with milestones and spend much less time thinking about them with Hadley than I did with Willow, it helps to take off some of the obligatory stress that accompanies motherhood.

Hadley's personality is blossoming to reveal an incredibly soft, kind natured girl full of curiosity for the world around her. She watches Willow's every move, she's a little quieter than Willow was at this age but once she gets going, she has the most glorious bursts of baby bubble and belly laughs and it makes me feel exceptionally content.

We've started weaning - we're following baby led weaning just as we did with Willow -, and it's going really well. It's definitely more of a juggling act trying to sort lunch out for two, and your own, whilst watching Hadley like a hawk as she learns to eat and Willow, as she tucks into her lunch too. That's the thing I have found most challenging about being a parent of two; trying to juggle everything. Whilst Hadley is a very easy going baby, I've still had my hands very full over the past 6 months!

I truly can't wait to see Hadley flourish over the next few months.