5 Things You Learn as a Mother of Two

28 May 2019

I've been a mother of two for nearly 7 months now, although it sometimes seems like just yesterday I was carrying Hadley, these 7 months have gone by so quickly, I've barely had time to take it all in. I knew our lives would change once we went from a three to four family unit and I have loved every minute of it, but for me, it's turned out a little different to the expectations I had whilst pregnant with Hadley and wistfully thinking of the future when our family would be complete. Here are a few surprising - and some not so surprising - things I have learnt in my first 7 months as a mother of two.

001. Younger siblings will learn so much from their older siblings. People told me it would happen, I hoped it would but wasn't quite prepared for just how true it is. Babies will absolutely soak up everything their older sibling does and it will have such a positive effect on their development. Hadley, of course, loves me and her dada, but the way she looks at, communicates with and responds to Willow is incredibly special and unique. As soon as Hadley gets on the move, bum shuffling or crawling, I think she will be like Willow's little shadow!

002. Someone always needs something. I absolutely love the baby and toddler stage (really), mainly because so far both girls have made it pretty easy for us by being very content and easy going. That said, sometimes I can't help but daydream about the future when they're older and can do more for themselves. Having to run to the toilet to help Willow whilst simultaneously needing to be downstairs because Hadley has rolled herself into a funny position and wants to move; I feel like I need at least two clones of myself to get everything done and keep everyone happy. Headless chicken doesn't even come close! 

003. Small humans are so, so messy. When it was just the three of us, Willow made her fair amount of mess with untidy toys, scattered books and a trail of fruit crumbs following wherever she went. Add a baby into the mix, with nappies and wipes and changing mats and bottles and toys and swings and Jumperoos and just everything, everywhere, there are things everywhere. This is something I spoke about in a recent Instagram post, as I've come to let the chaos be. 

004. Everyone is winging it. No one really has everything together. Even the ones who look like they live picture perfect life on social media; just because they don't show you the hard bits, doesn't mean they get their fair share of them. I felt like I was doing pretty well, cracking motherhood and all that comes with it, when it was just Willow to keep alive. With two, I keep things together by facing each day one at a time. Parenting is a juggling act, whether you have one or ten little humans, managing to parent alongside general adult life is a challenge (but, of course, 100% worth it).

005. You will probably count down to bedtime. Don't get me wrong, I adore spending time with my girls (even when we're all having a grumpy day) and when they're asleep I miss them like mad, scrolling through my phone looking at photos of them whilst wishing I could sneak a cuddle without waking them up. But boy do you clock-watch when it gets nearer to bedtime and after being up at 5:30am, you will the clock to move just a little bit faster. Parenting tired is a different kind of tired altogether.

Of course, that all makes it sound like being a mother of two isn't always the best of times - and it isn't, it really is hard sometimes -, but I absolutely would not change our little world as a family of four. Becoming Willow's mother changed my life, and with Hadley, they have truly made me the person I was always meant to be. Some don't like to say they are a mother first, but for me, it couldn't be truer.