Two Months of Hadley

18 Jan 2019

Hadley is now two months old (as of January 7th, in fact, so this update is just a tad late), so it's time for another update on how she is doing, as well as how we're doing as a family now that there are four of us.

Generally, Hadley is still showing to be a very easy going baby. Over the past month, we have had a couple of firsts as well as seeing a change in how active and alert she is.
She still sleeps very, very well. We usually get a full night out of her sleep wise, sleeping all the way through the night if her bedtime is around 11pm; she'll wake anywhere between 7am and 8am without waking in the night most nights. Once a week or so she does wake earlier, wanting a feed during the night, but that's usually if she has gone down for the night a little earlier than usual. Even during her first and second developmental leaps (it's worth checking out The Wonder Weeks app/book if you're unsure what developmental leaps are!), when I expected her usual good sleep to be interrupted, she managed to sleep really well, which as you can imagine, is great for us! 

The good nighttime sleep can have it's downsides though. Day time sleeping seems to be very hit and miss. Sometimes she will have a couple of good naps throughout the day, averaging around one to two hours, but usually, her naps during the day are very short and very hard to come by. That said, even though it can make our days hectic (as she can be a little fussy when she does struggle to nap), I'd rather have a full night's sleep than one which is interrupted several times. I do think we're going to see a difference in how well she sleeps once teething starts though, which may not be far off, as she seems keen on chewing on her hand at the moment. 

We have tackled her first set of immunisations, which went better than expected. She cried less than Willow during the immunisations, although still enough to make my heart hurt, and she only had a slight temperature rise for the first 24 hours; Willow used to be quite unsettled for at least a few days after her immunisations and it would always be a solid week before she was fully herself again.

We've also had our first smiles and a good amount of her trying to 'talk' to us. She gurgles and makes her little noises at us and it's getting easier to make her smile by doing things like playing round and round the garden on her dummy. We've started to 'play' with toys and by that I mean holding toys and books for her, letting her concentrate on them and showing them what she does. 

Hadley also loves bath time, which is fantastic! Willow was not the biggest fan of bath time until she was a few months old so to have a baby that loves bath time straight away, is absolutely lovely. I think it has a lot to do with the baby bath that we decided to go with this time around, which I'm going to share a full review of soon, as I think it was one of our best baby buys!

As a bigger baby than Willow was, we are finding she's filling out her clothes much quicker than Willow did. We're going to be moving into size 3 to 6 months within the next week, but whereas with Willow it was so bittersweet to see her go up into the next size and grow out of her newborn clothes, I'm actually excited for her to get into proper little outfits more often!

As a family, we are well into the swing of things now. Our first Christmas as a four was lovely and much less hectic than I had envisioned. We can be a little slow moving in the mornings and when we all go out it can feel like mission impossible getting everything ready for two little ones and not just an easy small bag for Willow anymore, but I'm gaining more confidence with going out more with them (when the weather isn't miserable, thanks winter!), so I'm looking forward to spring when we'll have more chances to get out and explore together.

That's all I have to update you with, for now, I wonder what changes we'll see in our littlest over the next month?