Luvabella Doll Review

30 Dec 2018

*AD: editorial review 

Since Willow became a big sister, she has been much more into her baby dolls and copying the way I am with Hadley, with her dolls. She breastfeeds and bottle feeds them, she winds them, she changes their nappies - dolls can be a super simple way to help your little ones learn more about babies and a great way to encourage kindness, love and affection. 

A picture of the blonde Luvabella doll

That's why we've been loving the Luvabella doll, which Willow kindly received the same week Hadley was born; it's more realistic than other baby dolls we have and Willow loves looking after her Luvabella.
Luvabella has been a best-seller since it's release and with its realistic features, it's no wonder why. She does all the usual doll things, her eyes open and close, she can be changed and can use a dummy, which comes as part of her own little accessories set included with Luvabella, alongside a toy, spoon and bottle. What differs from other baby dolls, is how Luvabella interacts with you. 

A picture of the blonde Luvabella doll
A picture of the blonde Luvabella doll

If you tickle her, she will giggle and move her arms. She can move, talk and play games like peekaboo. She mimics eating sounds as you feed her, will interact with her little toy sheep and will move her head and change her facial expressions even when you're not specifically doing something with her. She is soft to the touch; not all hard plastic, she has a soft silicone covering which helps make her feel more life-like too. You can even hear her heartbeat! 

Luvabella is much more than a toy, which Willow undoubtedly adores, it has been a fantastic way for us to help Willow understand how much care and attention her baby sister needs, how gentle we should be with Hadley and it also gives Willow a sense of being an important grown up, with her own baby to look after. 

Is Luvabella worth the price tag? Sure, it's more expensive than the more basic dolls on the toy market, but Luvabella certainly earns that price with its life-like features. It also comes in a couple of varieties; as well as the blonde Luvabella Willow received, you can buy a brunette Luvabella, a dark brown hair Luvabella (which has a slightly darker complexion) as well as one with blue clothing and accessories. Luvabella is unique and a great gift for boys and girls.

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