When Three Became Four

12 Nov 2018

We are absolutely delighted to share the safe arrival of our second baby with you all!

Our daughter, Hadley, was born on Wednesday, November 7th 2018 by planned gentle caesarean, at 10:29am weighing a whopping (and very surprising!) 9lbs 15oz.

Hadley is doing brilliantly, we came home the next day on Thursday, November 8th, and have been settling into life as a family of four ever since.

Sleepless nights were expected, but we're not doing too badly considering; it has so far been a much easier experience settling into a new routine as a four, which I don't doubt is hugely down to my birth being a planned caesarean and not an emergency, once already exhausted from an induction and labour!

Willow is adjusting to life as a big sister brilliantly. She is absolutely smitten with Hadley and so far hasn't been phased by having a new baby in our home, or baby cries through the night! She is super proud and I am so glad she has taken a huge change so brilliantly.

I'm doing well - I had totally forgotten how painful recovery from a caesarean could be but it's getting much easier as the days go by.

I'm sure I'll be posting lots of baby updates over on Instagram so make sure you're following over there if you love a bit of newborn spam! @TattooedTealady