Mama Notes 12 Week Mama Diary

6 Nov 2018

Over the summer I came across a product that I truly wish had been available when I had Willow, as it's something I think would have been beneficial to me in those first few months of motherhood. The Mama Notes is a 12-week Motherhood diary, which for the planner adorer in me was smitten with at first sight, but once you really look into what this 12-week diary includes, it's something I felt really strongly about having ready for the birth of my second baby.

A picture of the Mama Notes 12 Week Mama Diary
A picture of the Mama Notes 12 Week Mama Diary
A picture of the Mama Notes 12 Week Mama Diary

Although I have already gone through the ups and downs of nurturing a newborn, it's something I don't doubt will be a great help to me when our second baby arrives and so I ordered my copy a couple of months ago in preparation for the birth of this little baby. 

Developed by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Carla Runchman, the Mama Notes is the first notebook in the Mama Diary series, which uses everyday psychology to focus on maternal mental health, utilising psychological techniques and practices to help mothers through the first, often turbulent and highly emotive, 12 weeks of motherhood, also known as the 'Fourth Trimester'.

The Fourth Trimester was a shock to me when I had Willow. No one really talks about it and it's definitely something my midwife or healthcare professionals forgot to cover during any of my pre or postnatal care during my first pregnancy. In fact, I only came across the term on Instagram when I found The Fourth Trimester magazine and suddenly, everything I was experiencing, the feelings and thoughts I had, made sense. 

So to have a specific diary which helps you through this tricky Fourth Trimester that none of us are quite prepared for is something I feel really strongly about - so much so, I truly believe Mama Notes should be something recommended to all new and expectant mothers. I can't express how much I wish I had one when I had Willow.

So what exactly does the Mama Notes 12-week diary include? A week-by-week diary, it has space to track feeds, whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding (and if breastfeeding, to note which breast each feed has been from), nappy changes and a little 'to do' section, which I think would be handy for noting down any midwife, health visitor or GP appointments. Then we have another page which concentrates more on the mama, with a notes section as well as little essentials to tick off each day such as making sure you shower and drink enough water.

These might sound like obvious things to do every day, but when you're suffering from sleep deprivation and feel as if you're on another planet, this is going to be invaluable in reminding you to do the basic essential everyday tasks that benefit you.

Each week has a main wellbeing focus, with prompts and activities to try, such as self-care, getting out there, which encourages you to take time each day to get out of the house if you can, to being open about your mood, finding your local support network and mama milestones. Having something to focus on which isn't solely about your new baby and reminds you to look after yourself too might sound like common sense, but I know for me at least with my experience as a first time mama when I had Willow, your baby becomes your absolute priority; it's easy to put yourself last.

At the end of each week, there is also a section to note down memories made during that week, which is a really lovely way to note what went well that week - focusing on the positive, how you felt that week, things you were proud of and new developments in your baby during that week.

At the very end of the Mama Notes Mama Diary, there's also space to write your birth story, which I think can be really beneficial in getting out any feelings, both happy and sad, about your birth experience. I know from experience how much this can help you process something as monumental as the birth of your baby.

As you can probably tell, I'm utterly smitten with this diary and I can't wait to get using it once the newest addition to our family arrives. I think it would make the perfect gift for any new or expectant mamas in your life and if you're pregnant like me, why not treat yourself like I did and order yourself one? A few minutes each day to help you keep on top of things, it's worth every penny - and on a slightly more aesthetic note, is beautifully crafted with the most gorgeous paper, it looks and feels lovely! Great treat for yourself but also lovely to buy for any expectant friends.

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