Bold in Blue

27 Nov 2018

*AD: editorial review 

As 2018 starts to draw to a close, Willow's birthday in January is looming ever closer. I can't believe she'll soon be three years old; in her second year, so much has happened. She's hit toddlerhood at full steam and amazed us as she has grown and developed; she can keep a conversation going better than her chatterbox mama and holds onto information in a way that leaves us in awe, she's getting more and more confident at swimming and the biggest change? She's become a big sister.

Review of Small Stories Painted Dot Blue Dress
Review of Small Stories Painted Dot Blue Dress
Review of Small Stories Painted Dot Blue Dress
Review of Small Stories Painted Dot Blue Dress

Bringing Hadley home and having a newborn in our lives again has made me reminisce over Willow's baby days. I can't believe how grown up she is and how quickly the past three years have flown by. She's developed the most wondrous personality; she's certainly an extrovert and is so inquisitive, I know she will be a wonderful example to Hadley as they grow up together.

Willow is at the age where she likes to dress herself as much as she can and she really enjoys picking her outfits each morning. She always picks the boldest pieces she can find, she loves stand-out patterns and lots of colour. She's actually quite good at teaming pieces together to make a lovely little outfit - she's obviously much more fashion-wise than her mama!

Blue is her favourite colour, hugely influenced by her adoration of Thomas the Tank Engine. She loves Thomas more than anything (even more than mama and daddy, apparently!), so she absolutely adores her bold new Small Stories Painted Dot Blue Dress*, which is incredibly soft, made with 100% cotton. Available from one of our favourite online destinations, Bambinista, who have some incredible stand-out fashion for little ones of all ages.

I love the design, which at first glance almost looks like blue leopard print but is, in fact, bold dots painted in black and white on a rather stunning blue background. I love blue on Willow, the darker the better, I just find it works so well with her soft complexion and lovely brown hair. Teamed with the perfect navy blue Pimsa Diamonds Cardigan* and it makes a striking outfit perfect for any occasion.

I love the way that Willow likes to express herself with clothing, and accessories too! Does your little one love to pick their outfits for themselves, too?

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