30 November 2018

5 Things I Did Differently in my Second Pregnancy

My second pregnancy is over and Hadley has been here for three weeks (did you catch her birth announcement and one week update as a family of four?), so I thought I would share some of the things I did differently during this pregnancy. For me, although symptoms wise my pregnancy with Hadley was almost identical to my pregnancy with Willow, emotionally, mentally and physically, it was very, very different.

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27 November 2018

Bold in Blue

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As 2018 starts to draw to a close, Willow's birthday in January is looming ever closer. I can't believe she'll soon be three years old; in her second year, so much has happened. She's hit toddlerhood at full steam and amazed us as she has grown and developed; she can keep a conversation going better than her chatterbox mama and holds onto information in a way that leaves us in awe, she's getting more and more confident at swimming and the biggest change? She's become a big sister.

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15 November 2018

One Week Old: Double the Love

Yesterday, baby Hadley turned one week old and today marks one whole week at home as a family of four. There are a few things I wanted to share with you about her first week, as well as Willow's first official week in her role as a Big Sister.

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12 November 2018

When Three Became Four

We are absolutely delighted to share the safe arrival of our second baby with you all!


6 November 2018

Mama Notes 12 Week Mama Diary

Over the summer I came across a product that I truly wish had been available when I had Willow, as it's something I think would have been beneficial to me in those first few months of motherhood. The Mama Notes is a 12-week Motherhood diary, which for the planner adorer in me was smitten with at first sight, but once you really look into what this 12-week diary includes, it's something I felt really strongly about having ready for the birth of my second baby.

A picture of the Mama Notes 12 Week Mama Diary
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