Pumpkin Picking at Wymeswold Fruit Farm

17 Oct 2018

Over the summer I took Willow to a childhood favourite of mine, Wymeswold Fruit Farm, where we picked strawberries that were perfectly ripe and absolutely delicious. With Halloween fast approaching, we decided to pay another visit, this time to pick our first family pumpkin!

A picture of a pumpkin at Wymeswold Fruit Farm
A picture of a pumpkin at Wymeswold Fruit Farm
A picture of a pumpkin at Wymeswold Fruit Farm
A picture of a pumpkin at Wymeswold Fruit Farm

I adore Halloween, it's one of my favourite holidays, not just because of spooktastic trick-or-treating, but as the Pagan New Year too. I've always wished we went all out with Halloween here in the UK like they do in America, I get so jealous seeing the houses all done up and what a big celebration it is over there. That said, growing up we never really did all that much as a family to celebrate Halloween and it's only now that Willow is a bit older, turning 3 in just a few months, that we can do proper Halloween activities together as a family to really get into the Halloween spirit.

We've got decorations for the house and crafts for the day, which is also my very first day of maternity leave, with trick-or-treating planned for Halloween eve. I wanted to go pumpkin picking as it's something I've never done before and I think Willow will be amazed to see a field of pumpkins and pick her very own for us to carve as a family together October 31st draws near.

Having enjoyed our summer visit to Wymeswold Fruit Farm and seeing them share pictures of their growing pumpkins over on their Facebook page, it seemed like the perfect place to go and find the perfect pumpkin for us. We headed there this week after days of constant rain and wind, kitted out in our jackets and wellies ready to get stuck in (quite literally, it was fairly muddy, to say the least). The perfect autumnal family activity!

There were pumpkins of all sizes and colours and we decided to pick a really big typical orange pumpkin to do a big spooky carving with, with a smaller white one for Willow to decorate too. She was so determined to not only pick the perfect pumpkins but also to do her part in getting them back to the car; we definitely had to do some persuading to let us take over when she wanted to carry our biggest pumpkin but couldn't lift it even a millimetre off of the ground!

The pumpkin patch itself was easy to find, in the second field of the fruit farm and they had handy sledges for you to use to get your pumpkins back to your car. Pumpkins range in price depending on size; our huge orange pumpkin was £10 whilst our smaller white pumpkin was £3. Included in that price is a goody bag for each pumpkin you choose, with has stencils, a carving kit, candles and a bag of candy floss, which made this heavily pregnant mama extremely happy!

If you're local and looking for somewhere to go pumpkin picking with your family, you can find out more about their pumpkin offerings on their facebook page, Wymeswold Fruit Farm.


  1. I must do this one day with my 19 months toddler. Look like such fun, having said that we actually grew our own pumpkin this year and next year we are planning to plant much more (to eat). Lovely pictures.


    1. If our garden was big enough, I'd have loved to have a go at growing our own! I need to check out some pumpkin recipes to make sure the innards of ours don't go to waste. Any recommendations? :) xo