19 October 2018

Overcoming Water Wobbles

We've always been quite lucky that Willow loves water, whether it's bath time or swimming, she absolutely adores it. Since she started swimming at 11 months old she has amazed me at how well she manages in the water and how quickly she picks things up, too. So imagine our surprise earlier in the year when we hit the dreaded water wobbles. Trips to swimming would be protested with screams and hysterical tears, she'd do whatever she could to avoid going in the water and when in the water, she'd do whatever she could to climb back out again.

A photo of a swimming lesson for a feature on overcoming water wobbles

17 October 2018

Pumpkin Picking at Wymeswold Fruit Farm

Over the summer I took Willow to a childhood favourite of mine, Wymeswold Fruit Farm, where we picked strawberries that were perfectly ripe and absolutely delicious. With Halloween fast approaching, we decided to pay another visit, this time to pick our first family pumpkin!

A picture of a pumpkin at Wymeswold Fruit Farm

15 October 2018

Planned Caesarean VS VBAC

When I had an emergency caesarean with Willow back in 2016, I didn't know anything about caesareans, what the major abdominal surgery actually involved, what the healing and recovery process would be like, or the implications it may have for future pregnancies.

A photo of a newborn babygrow for a feature on choosing a planned caesarean or VBAC after an emergency caesarean

1 October 2018

The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill

I have very openly discussed my increased anxiety with this pregnancy, particularly over on Instagram (@TattooedTealadyand The Positive Birth Book started to be a regular recommendation from other mamas who thought it would help, particularly with making me feel calmer about the birth of this baby.

A photo and review of The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill
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