Our Favourite Moments of Summer 2018

10 Sept 2018

2018 has been a rollercoaster year for me so far and so when I saw Lisa from Oh Luna share a post on the things she has loved doing this summer, it seemed like a wonderful idea and such a positive thing to do, too, looking back on a record-breaking heatwave summer and remembering all the best moments. So without further ado, here are my favourite moments and memories of summer 2018.

A picture of Wymeswold Fruit Farm

Whether with friends, cousins or just our little family, we have had so many fun days out at our local farm park, Manor Farm Park. Somewhere I always enjoyed going when I was a little girl myself, so it's lovely to see Willow enjoy it so much. They've recently renovated some areas of the farm park and added in a whole new play area, restaurant and gift shop, so it's a pretty exciting place to visit right now. Next year we plan to get annual passes, as we visit so often!

Willow is besotted with all things trains and so her favourite way to spend a day is on our local Great Central Railway. Whatever the weather, it's a perfect way to spend a lunchtime, making the trip from Loughborough to one of the stops where we get off to explore, enjoy some lunch and play around before getting the return trip back.

There are few things I love more than simple days out and spending afternoons in our town's beautiful park having picnics with friends is definitely a lovely way to spend your day. Eating delicious food, saying hello to the birds in the aviary, running around and smelling all the lovely flowers, before descending on the adventure playground, it's toddler heaven!

This summer was perfect for getting Willow involved in the garden; last summer she was only just toddling so wasn't too firm on her feet for doing big jobs like planting flowers or helping me keep things nice and tidy out there, but this year she has officially gotten herself some green fingers! We've planted peppers (which didn't grow!), strawberries (which the birds and slugs devoured) and tomatoes (which were delicious in salads). We planted sunflowers and purple petunias, which Willow picked herself, and spent afternoons in garden centres eating scrumptious cakes.

One of my favourite days of the summer, coincidently my 30th birthday, was spending a fun day out exploring Twycross Zoo. Willow is, like most toddlers, incredibly curious about animals and she was in animal heaven, getting to see so many animals she's only seen in books or on TV in real life. We spent a full day exploring and made sure to see every single animal there, it was such a perfect day out and a pretty lovely way to spend my 30th birthday, too!

Something else Willow was old enough for this summer was fruit picking, specifically strawberries, and we loved visiting our local Wymeswold Fruit Farm. Another childhood favourite of mine, Willow took great pride in picking her strawberries very carefully, making sure to find the biggest and reddest ones she could. I'm hoping we will have the chance to head back there this October to pick a pumpkin, too!

Somewhere else we spent a lot of time this summer was Bradgate Park, somewhere we've enjoyed taking Willow since she was just turned 1 and somewhere she can explore and run free. It's such a beautiful place and we're lucky to live so nearby, with wild deer to spot, woods to explore and lots of lovely areas to have a yummy picnic.

Less go-out-and-explore and more take advantage of afternoons at home, with Willow getting more and more involved in the kitchen this summer. We've baked cakes, made homemade pizzas and vegetable tarts and she just adores helping out with anything she can, especially making her own sandwiches for lunch! I can't wait to bake Halloween cookies and Christmas fudge together.

Looking back, we've had a blooming lovely summer and filled it with lots of fun days and made lots of memories together. Even though autumn will be colder, and probably wetter too, I hope we'll make just as many precious memories over the coming months too (not forgetting, baby arriving smack bang in the middle of autumn!).

How have you spent the summer of 2018?