Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till Review

30 Sept 2018

*AD: editorial review 

Willow has always enjoyed a trip to the supermarket and as soon she was old enough to help me with 'scan as you shop' system in Tesco, she has helped me pick items, scan them and pop them in the trolley or basket. She especially loves the little mini trolleys at Morrisons and the Coop, where she really feels like a proper independent shopper.

A photo and review of the Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till

One thing I've tried to get her more involved is by asking her to see if she can find specific items and also explaining that at the end of our shopping trip, when we have everything on our list, we have to pay for everything before taking it home. Over the past couple of weeks, Willow has had the chance to practice exactly that, after kindly being sent a Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till* alongside a Food Shopping Basket Toy Set*, both from the Little Shopper range.

A photo and review of the Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till
A photo and review Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till
A photo and review of Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till

With a big love for shopping already, you can imagine how excited she was and it's been her favourite thing to play with ever since! The till itself comes with a small selection of toy food, colourful stickers for the till and credit cards to give it a more realistic look for little ones and features sounds, which are true to sounds you would hear at the supermarket checkout.

The little 'chip and pin' card reader can be alongside the till or connected to the till itself, by connecting it via a little slot. The till has working buttons and a little screen which lets you input prices, great for developing early numeracy skills. The till also comes with play money including coins and notes, which Willow absolutely adores as it makes her feel all grown up and she loves looking after the money in her till keeping it safe!

The food basket can be purchased separately and includes 20 pieces of food including food boxes, food cans and play food. There is a wide variety of foods included, all of which can be found in UK supermarkets and foods your little one may already be aware of. The little basket, which fits all of the 20 pieces included with it inside, is super fun and can help make role play really engaging. Sometimes we use our IKEA Kallax storage system as 'supermarket shelves', placing the food on them and we'll write out little lists and check each item off as we ask Willow to find it, ready for scanning and payment.

It's a perfect toy for role play and encouraging little ones to use their imagination, it keeps Willow occupied for hours and she loves playing shopping with us. Everything is very easy to put together; the shopping basket comes ready to play with whilst the till simply requires a couple of stickers being placed and food boxes being put together; the till does require batteries, which are not included.

With Christmas coming up, this would make a really great gift for little ones. Willow is 2.5 years old and has grasped the concept of how it works with ease, it's easily suitable for toddlers of different ages as well as slightly older children. If your little one enjoys shopping with you, or maybe they need a little encouragement to make shopping trips easier, the Casdon Little Shopper range is perfect.

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