Autumn is my favourite

24 Sep 2018

When I was much, much younger, spring used to be my favourite season. It would bring with it the promise of a hot, fun-filled summer ahead, memories to be made, festivals to attend. I loved the pastel hues and the way it made me feel so carefree and happy, as the days started to warm and the sun shone brighter as each day passed.

When I hit my mid-20's, that all changed, instead I longed for quiet cosy nights at home and autumn became the season I longed for with it's cooler, darker days and rustic hues as nature changes all around us. All year round, autumn is the season I count down to, the season I look forward to the most; autumn is my favourite.

A picture of crunchy autumn leaves

There's something comforting in the way leaves crunch underfoot, that low-light mist as fog starts to welcome you in the morning and the change in colours gives everything a warm glow. Making evenings cosy as you wrap up in warm blankets and, in expert cliche style, sip on hot chocolate with marshmallows watching Harry Potter and indulging in a yearly binge of Halloween movies.

Halloween! My favourite holiday (no, really - it even beats Christmas), oh how I wish we did Halloween like the Americans. The Pagan new year, witches and ghouls, candy and letting your alter-ego run wild. Well, I used to, anyway; now it's all about Halloween crafts with Willow and finding her the spookiest costume going, which is hard going when it comes to toddler costumes I'll have you know!

Bonfire Night, with mushy peas, bonfire toffee and fireworks galore. No matter how much older I get, I always feel that buzz of excitement at a fireworks display, something Willow seems to adore too. Katherine wheels were my favourite growing up, now it's the biggest and brightest that leave me in awe. Nothing beats a good Bonfire Night celebration, wrapped up warm with jackets and scarves. Roasted chestnuts by the bagful, please.

The Christmas rush starts soon after, although if you're anything like me and like to get organised in advance, November and December are a time to relax, soak up the festive atmosphere and make as many festive plans as possible. Especially important for me this year, as I'll have a newborn keeping me occupied! Christmas dinners, Santa's grotto visits and watching as many Christmas movies as possible. All the Christmas candles and delicious Christmas food, I simply can't wait!

Yes, autumn is definitely my favourite.