30 September 2018

Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till Review

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Willow has always enjoyed a trip to the supermarket and as soon she was old enough to help me with 'scan as you shop' system in Tesco, she has helped me pick items, scan them and pop them in the trolley or basket. She especially loves the little mini trolleys at Morrisons and the Coop, where she really feels like a proper independent shopper.

A photo and review of the Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till

One thing I've tried to get her more involved is by asking her to see if she can find specific items and also explaining that at the end of our shopping trip, when we have everything on our list, we have to pay for everything before taking it home. Over the past couple of weeks, Willow has had the chance to practice exactly that, after kindly being sent a Casdon Toy Chip n Pin Shopping Till* alongside a Food Shopping Basket Toy Set*, both from the Little Shopper range.

28 September 2018

MAMA Academy Wellbeing Wallet

When I was pregnant with Willow I was given a Bounty pack by my midwife at my 8-week booking appointment to keep my maternity notes in, that broke within weeks of having it and was more a walking advertisement for Bounty that anything for me. This time around, I wanted to use something that would keep my maternity notes safe, would have some beneficial information for me and would also benefit other expectant mamas too. That's why as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I ordered a MAMA Academy Wellbeing Wallet.

A picture of the MAMA Academy Wellbeing Wallet

26 September 2018

Breastfeeding: Will I Try Again?

Feeding your baby and how exactly you will do that is undoubtedly one of the first thoughts you have when you find out you're pregnant. Whether you've grown up around proud breastfeeders or formula feeding was the norm in your family, there is no avoiding the highly heated topic of 'breast vs formula', which is played out on social media and in mainstream media day in, day out.

A picture of a baby for a post on breastfeeding struggles

24 September 2018

Autumn is my favourite

When I was much, much younger, spring used to be my favourite season. It would bring with it the promise of a hot, fun-filled summer ahead, memories to be made, festivals to attend. I loved the pastel hues and the way it made me feel so carefree and happy, as the days started to warm and the sun shone brighter as each day passed.

When I hit my mid-20's, that all changed, instead I longed for quiet cosy nights at home and autumn became the season I longed for with it's cooler, darker days and rustic hues as nature changes all around us. All year round, autumn is the season I count down to, the season I look forward to the most; autumn is my favourite.

A picture of crunchy autumn leaves

12 September 2018

10 Thoughts on having another baby

Going from one baby to two feels like a huge change and adjustment to make. I keep thinking about every single scenario that might arise when we are a family of four. Things that might change, things that might be harder, how I will manage, how it might change the relationships and dynamics of our little family. Thoughts that I am sure every parent expecting another baby has, some silly little worries, other big worries which keep me up at night.

A picture of a travel cup

10 September 2018

Our Favourite Moments of Summer 2018

2018 has been a rollercoaster year for me so far and so when I saw Lisa from Oh Luna share a post on the things she has loved doing this summer, it seemed like a wonderful idea and such a positive thing to do, too, looking back on a record-breaking heatwave summer and remembering all the best moments. So without further ado, here are my favourite moments and memories of summer 2018.

A picture of Wymeswold Fruit Farm

3 September 2018

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base Review

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It's no secret I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown makeup, but did you know they have a pretty impressive skincare range too? I've raved about the Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse before, which is one of my favourite cleansing balms, and I'm a pretty big fan of their Hydrating Eye Cream too. The latest skincare treat to join my daily routine from the range is the Vitamin Enriched Face Base and I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed, considering Bobbi Brown is predominately a makeup brand, they really know how to get their skincare products right!

A review of Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base
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