Wymeswold Fruit Farm Review

4 Aug 2018

Something I always remember from my own childhood is spending hot summer days picking fresh just-ripened strawberries. I have fond memories of those carefree days plucking strawberries and popping them proudly into my fruit box and so it was something I really wanted to do with Willow, one of those 'I'm sharing one of my favourite childhood memories with you' moments, and so I took her to the very same fruit picking farm we used to go to all those years ago, Wymeswold Fruit Farm.

A review of family run Wymeswold Fruit Farm

A review of family run Wymeswold Fruit Farm
A review of family run Wymeswold Fruit Farm

A family run fruit farm which spans three generations, Wymeswold Fruit Farm first opened it's gates to the public in 1974, producing a wide variety of fruit for visitors to pick for themselves throughout the fruit picking season. From June through to August you can pick strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, redcurrants, whitecurrants and blackcurrants as well as rhubarb, with the official Wymeswold Fruit Farm Facebook page letting you know exactly which fruits are ready to be picked and when (which was particularly handy for our visit when we wanted to stock up on fresh strawberries).

It's not just fruit picking available, either. There's an on-site 'shop', where you can purchase your fruit but also locally produced cream and ice cream to take home to enjoy your fruit with, with drinks on sale too, essential for a hot summers day! Thankfully, you don't need to worry about having enough cash on you either - as they take card payments, which is super handy.

Taking Willow along one early morning in July when the strawberries were just starting to ripen was such a lovely way to spend time together and an experience she thoroughly enjoyed. I was worried we might end up with a punnet full of strawberry slush, but she was so careful in picking her strawberries and was incredibly proud of herself, too. They were by far the tastiest, sweetest, most delicious strawberries we've had in years and I know we'll be back every summer now that Willow is old enough for fruit picking.

If you live locally or are passing by, make sure to check out Wymeswold Fruit Farm for yourself, your taste buds will certainly thank you! 

Find out more at www.wymeswoldfruitfarm.co.uk.