The Unmumsy Mum Book Review

6 Aug 2018

Although with a toddler in tow it takes me a lot longer to get through books, long gone the days where I could read a book cover to cover in one night, reading is still a huge part of my daily routine and something I simply cannot give up. I've been a self-confessed bookworm my entire life, something I've thankfully passed on to my daughter (did you see my post on Willow's growing library?) and my day wouldn't be complete without reading at least a few pages of one of the many books adorning my bedside table.

A review of The Unmumsy Mum Book

That, by the way, is a really bad habit of mine. I bulk buy books I want to read and often have up to a handful or more books I'm reading at once. Usually, each book will be of a different genre, so each night I can decide which book I want to dedicate some time to based on what I feel like reading that day, but it often means it takes me a lot longer to finish a book than if I read one book at a time. Does anyone else read multiple books at once?

One book I have had sitting on my bedside for a while, even though I finished it quite some time ago now, is the hugely popular The Unmumsy Mum, which is not only a brilliant read for new mums to get stuck into, but also makes a lovely gift for friends expecting their own little ones too.

Written by Sarah Turner, founder of The Unmumsy Mum blog, Sarah turned her witty, candid and honest writing from blog to book, sharing every moment of motherhood, good and bad. It's one of those brilliantly written books that will leave you feeling every kind of emotion, but mostly laughing and nodding along, as she shares everything from birth and night feeds to teething and toddler tantrums. It's relatable, it makes you feel less alone and it makes you feel better about every difficult moment you have to tackle, whilst appreciating the good ones even more.

If you're heading to your friends baby shower or maybe you're a new mum yourself needing something to keep you up during the night feeds, The Unmumsy Mum is a perfect read and one that every new mum needs in their life.