Second Pregnancy Second Trimester Experience

30 Aug 2018

I am now over a week into the second trimester, currently 29 weeks pregnant, so I thought it'd be a good chance to update you all on how I'm doing and how the second trimester of my second pregnancy compares to that of my first pregnancy. The second trimester lasts until the end of ypur 27th week, with the third trimester starting on the first day of your 28th week. For me, it always feels like the longest, with so many weeks where it feels like time is dragging by at a super slow rate, but a lot happened for me since I shared my update on my 'second pregnancy first trimester experience', so we have quite lot to catch up on.

A post about my experience of the second trimester of my second pregnancy

It was the second trimester during my pregnancy with Willow that was the hardest physically, as I had experienced extreme pain in my shoulder and back which only went away once I'd treated myself to a pregnancy massage. This pregnancy, I've almost been waiting each day for that pain to return, but it hasn't, perhaps because my body is used to being pregnant from my first pregnancy and so the strain on my back and spine as things move and shift isn't as severe as it was during my pregnancy with Willow.

Tiredness is another thing which I expected to be truly awful, as with my first pregnancy I spent much of the second trimester in tears due to extreme tiredness, but it turns out I've barely experienced any 'out of the ordinary' tiredness.

One thing that is drastically different from my first pregnancy, is my midwife-led care. Although I appreciate that second and further pregnancies require less frequent appointments with community-based midwives, I simply have not felt supported by my midwife during this pregnancy. I have seen my midwife twice - I am now 29 weeks pregnant -, and each appointment has left me quite deflated and upset. I have not felt confident in the care I have received and as such, have now requested a new midwife be assigned.

I did have an unplanned scan at 18 weeks, due to some rather intense pains along my caesarean scar, but this was mainly to check my scar (as best they can do on an ultrasound, which isn't very accurate!) and a quick check of baby, who was all well and growing fine. We decided the pains I'd been experiencing was more than likely just my uterus stretching in that area at the time and I thankfully haven't had any pains there since, which is good, as it felt like a searing hot knife was being held along my scar!

My next scan was at 20 weeks, the scan all expectant parents in the UK are offered at 20 weeks - the anomaly scan. This is a scan which goes through a thorough check of the baby to check they are growing OK and everything is as it should be. Thankfully, our scan went really well, all the checks were completed and baby passed every check with flying colours. This is also the scan most people choose to find out the biological sex of their baby or not, which most but not all hospitals within the UK offer. We made a decision as a family with Willow in mind and will be sharing our babies gender with 'everyone else' once they are born.

I have since had a further scan, the first of what will now be regular scans every 4 weeks, my first growth scan. As a high-risk pregnancy, these scans will check baby is still growing as they should be and check their weight and size is in line with their gestation. At 28 weeks when we had our first growth scan we found out our baby is, for the moment, head down and at the perfect average size for their gestation. This was really reassuring for us and lovely to get to see our baby again and know our baby is doing OK!

My consultant appointments have been a lot more reassuring than my midwife appointments. After my growth scan at 28 weeks, I saw a few different members of the consulting team who went over things such as risk factors, my weight and current lifestyle - I've managed to hold off on weight gain so far this pregnancy which is amazing when you consider I put on 6.5 stone with Willow! -, as well as what I would like to go birth wise. I have a lot of feelings about how I will hopefully give birth this time, so I want to discuss that more thoroughly in a couple of upcoming posts.


  • Baby is super active and likes to jump on my bladder at every given opportunity. 
  • At 29 weeks I am feeling exceptionally uncomfortable and wondering how I'll last the rest of this pregnancy without crying because my stomach has no room left and everything hurts.
  • I am at that stage where normal (OK, my slightly larger than normal) portion sizes are becoming a struggle but I'm completely refusing to have smaller portions just yet.
  • We are starting to get our home 'baby ready' and it's starting to make everything feel all the more real. I can't believe we'll have another baby in our home in just a couple of months!
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If you're also expecting a little one, whether this is your first or tenth, I'd love to hear how you are getting along in your pregnancy and how you are finding your antenatal care.