Willow Loves Mister Maker Club

15 Aug 2018

Willow is a big fan of Mister Maker, which goes down well in this house as well love crafting and making things together. At the beginning of 2018 I came across a monthly subscription service which was absolutely perfect for Willow, the Mister Maker Club box, and just had to sign Willow up.

It's a fortnightly subscription box which you can also opt to have monthly, which is how often we receive ours, each with a fun craft to make with your little ones. We always enjoy having our monthly Mister Maker Club box pop through the letterbox and Willow has had loads of fun crafting and making them each month.

A review of the Mister Maker Club Subscription Box

I decided to opt for the boxes to be monthly rather than fortnightly because we already have lots of our own crafty bits and although a reasonable price, at £5.95 per box (plus 98p postage), it made sense to be paying for this monthly rather than fortnightly.

It makes a great rainy day activity and beats our craft box by having a set theme for each box, meaning you can make something specific with everything you need to make that specific craft. Willow loves that each box is addressed specifically to her and you don't have to worry about being in to accept delivery, as the boxes are slim enough to fit through your letterbox.

Each box has a different theme which covers not only the crafting activity but the little activity booklet that comes with it too. I really like that they the boxes include this activity booklet because it gives us an activity to do another day or something we can pop in our bag for when we're out and about and want to do something to keep Willow occupied.

Willow loves her monthly Mister Maker Club box and always gets excited to see what Mister Maker has sent her, it's such fun doing the crafts together, which always come with detailed step-by-step instructions, I'm really chuffed I came across this subscription service and it's certainly inspired me to see what other monthly boxes we could try!

If you'd like to try Mister Maker Club for your little ones, head to www.mistermakerclub.com.