Willow is two and a half

28 Jul 2018

Two and a half years, where has the time gone? It's crazy to think Willow is already two and a half, that her 3rd birthday is now edging closer or the fact that in a few short months she'll be a big sister.

On July 26th, the day she officially turned 2.5 years old, I was flicking through old Instagram photos, videos and Instastories I'd saved to my highlights reel and it amazed me just how much she has changed since her 2nd birthday. When you spend every single day with someone, you, of course, notice the changes in them, but the changes don't seem as big as when you look back on old memories like that.

Compared to January, the change in her is tremendous (did you read Willow's 2-year update?), most notably with her speech. Willow has always been a talker and she was talking 'above the average' amount for her age for quite some time but now she is just so much more inquisitive in the questions she asks, she is very eloquent for her age and rarely struggles to pronounce a word first-try. Her sentences are pretty long, she doesn't seem to struggle to find her words and she holds information like you wouldn't believe, repeating facts and telling us things we didn't realise she'd even been paying attention to.

She will hold a conversation with you and asks people how they are, how their day has been and if we are saying goodbye, she'll tell them to have a nice day. She's a very kind little girl and exceptionally polite (something strangers always comment on!) and I think that shows in the way she speaks to people. She never has to be reminded to say 'please', 'thank you', 'excuse me' or 'pardon me' and to be quite honest it makes me feel incredibly bloody proud.

We've also managed to tackle potty training, which was something I was absolutely dreading and also, felt quite pressured to do; I was very set on waiting until I felt she was ready, but seeing so many parents with children much younger than Willow start potty training, I worried what people would think to the fact we hadn't yet started.

We picked a start date, let Willow pick a potty (Paw Patrol, no less) and picked her up a snazzy reward chart. I was ready with all the cleaning products I could get my hands on, convinced we'd spend weeks, maybe even months, scrubbing the floor after endless accidents. Realistically? It took her 4 days, just a handful of accidents and she took to it like a duck to water, she was definitely ready and we are so thrilled with how well she has done.

Normal toddler behaviour wise we have had one tantrum so far (ever, I know - I am destined to have the devil's spawn with baby number 2!) and she seems to do quite well at listening, learning and understanding why she should and shouldn't do certain things. One aspect of toddlerhood I was dreading is dropping her lunchtime naps, which now happen very rarely once every fortnight or so and I'm sure by the time baby arrives she will have dropped her naps completely. It's not too bad going nap-free, but it can be tough when you get to around 4pm and she gets tired and frustrated and very little can distract her until bedtime (unless you're ready to go full Mister Maker on her and build spaceships and paint every piece of paper to hand). Other than that, we haven't encountered any 'terrible twos'.

Each day I look at my daughter and I can see her growing up, changing, already feeling like toddlerhood is something she is leaving behind as she grows into a proper little child. The next time I update you she'll be three, she'll be a big sister and I can't even imagine the changes I'll be sharing. We've a busy few months ahead of us and I am both very, very excited and a little bit nervous to see how she handles the changes to come.

If you have a little one around Willow's age, I'd love to know how they're getting on and what exciting changes you've seen in them recently?