Second Pregnancy First Trimester Experience

8 Jul 2018

If you spotted my recent post, A Family of Four, you will know that our little family is growing, with baby number two due this November. We are so excited to be expecting another little one, now over the halfway mark with just a few short months to go until our baby arrives.

During my first pregnancy with Willow, I shared a weekly pregnancy post; this time around I have a few posts I want to share with you all, covering my birth plan after a previous emergency caesarean, my hopes and fears for our growing family and pregnancy essentials which have made this pregnancy easier. I'll also be delving into the more personal side of pregnancy, sharing my experience of a second pregnancy, how we're preparing Willow for sisterhood and how my second pregnancy has been compared to my first, kicking things off with my Second Pregnancy First Trimester Experience.

A personal blog post about my Second Pregnancy First Trimester Experience

I took my first pregnancy test on a Monday at what would have been 3 weeks and 6 days pregnant, but it came back with a very faint line; I wasn't sure if this was a faint positive or an 'evap line'. It was very early on to test, but I just had a gut feeling I was pregnant and so I decided to take a few more tests over the week to see if the line got stronger. A few days later on the Thursday of that week, I took another test and a positive result came out pretty quickly! I was over the moon, but incredibly nervous, working out I was only 4 weeks and 2 days. Even earlier than we found out we were expecting Willow, at exactly 5 weeks.

The next few days were tough, as I went through exactly the same symptoms I had with Willow at the same stage. I felt nauseous, I felt dizzy, I was struggling to sleep and felt incredibly emotional, bursting into tears at the smallest things. It was so early on, too, so I was worried I was getting ahead of myself with the excitement.

The less than nice pregnancy symptoms which had overwhelmed me for a week slowed down. I didn't feel nauseous or dizzy, the headaches were gone. My breasts were sensitive and sore but overall, I just felt normal again. The only persistent symptom was mild cramping, which was almost constant. By the end of week five, most symptoms had subsided but a new one, was my heart rate picking up - this is pretty normal, as your heart rate can increase by 30% - 50% when pregnant.

Week five is also when my anxiety worsened; I saw my GP who prescribed medication but due to the risks to the baby (mainly, the risk of causing heart defects), I decided not to take them.

As with my first pregnancy, I had a daily worry that I would have a missed miscarriage. I second-guessed the symptoms I did have, whilst my symptoms lessening made me convinced I wasn't pregnant anymore. By this stage I had taken six separate pregnancy tests, each in the hope of reassuring myself that all was OK.

The extreme tiredness kicked in, struggling to get comfortable at night or even fall asleep. Other than that, symptoms were almost non-existent; my boobs were noticeably sorer and looked ever so slightly fuller than usual and backache was an issue, but other than that, I was fine. This is the first week I started to feel really excited, as I knew my first midwife appointment was edging ever closer.

A personal blog post about my Second Pregnancy First Trimester Experience

My craving for savoury foods went into overdrive this week, anything super salty really hit the spot and I was also drinking a ton of water, way more than usual. Anxiety was still an issue but I wasn't feeling too bad otherwise.

My backache also picked up its pace this week, particularly on one side and quite high up. On Easter Sunday I ended up ringing the Early Pregnancy Unit at my hospital for advice. After going through a few questions with me, they asked me to go in for some tests; they were worried that the pain I was experiencing was linked to an ectopic pregnancy.

It was incredibly scary making my way there worrying if my baby was growing in the right place, particularly as I knew the risks of an ectopic pregnancy. I had blood and urine tests done and an internal examination to check for a pelvic infection. When they couldn't find an answer for the pain I was given a scan to check baby was growing in the right place - thankfully, the baby was where they should be and I saw their little heart beating away!

My first midwife appointment finally rolled around with my 'booking in appointment' taking place this week. Due to my emergency caesarean with Willow and my high BMI, I am down as 'high risk' for this pregnancy and will be consultant lead as well as having appointments with my midwife. The plus side to this is I get extra scans, to check everything is OK with the baby and how they are growing, so it'll be nice to see them more often than the two scans we had with Willow.

Although as with my pregnancy with Willow, I haven't actually been physically sick, nausea this time around was so much worse than my first pregnancy and I spent much of the first trimester in bed, with week 9 being one of the worst weeks. Migraines also became very common this week, which was difficult when I couldn't take my usual medicines to battle through it.

Cravings wise I could not get enough of fresh fruit and strawberries, in particular, were my must-have this week (and every week since!).

My symptoms started to subside again, I no longer felt as if I was constantly hungover (which is ironic, when pregnancy means no alcohol!) and I was starting to get a little bit of energy back, not wanting to sleep all the time. Cravings wise all I wanted was fresh and vegetables and avoided any form of processed food, which just made me feel queasy.

I felt so much better this week, which was probably to do with the excitement of knowing my dating scan was just a week away! I started to really crave sweet treats this week too but stuck to fresh fruits and if I wanted something extra sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth, I just made my own homemade Eton mess!

A personal blog post about my Second Pregnancy First Trimester Experience

In the run-up to 12 weeks, my nerves started to kick in again with my anxiety making me quite worried that we'd arrive at our scan, at 12 weeks and one day, to find our baby hadn't survived. Every woman attending her 12-week dating scan just wants to know that their little baby is OK, and thankfully that is the news we received at our scan. Just one day off of the due date we estimated, we were told our baby was growing fine and healthy with a strong heartbeat, due on November 14th 2018.

The end of the First Trimester was finally over and gosh, was I glad to see the back of it. I really found it so much tougher this time around. Maybe because I'm a couple of years older, maybe because health and fitness wise I was still in a pretty dire place after gaining so much weight with Willow or maybe, just because I have a toddler now and so it wasn't as easy as just lazying about in bed all day every day.

Plus, there is the small reassurance you get, when you get past the first trimester, and you realise your baby, statistically, should be OK. It takes some of the pressure off, helped to ease my anxiety (just a little!) and also means you feel less guilty about getting so excited.

Yes, I think reaching the end of the first trimester is a pretty lovely milestone really.

Are you expecting a little one? I'd love to hear how you found the first trimester and if you're due in November too, say hello! I'd love to get chatting with some expectant mamas due the same time as me. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all under the name 'TattooedTealady'!