Erborian Bamboo Glow Review

31 Jul 2018

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One thing I've struggled with in pregnancy is lack-lustre skin, with that 'glow' that everyone talks about deciding not to make an appearance this time around, instead relying on skincare and makeup to keep my skin looking healthy and happy. One product I've been using over the past few weeks is a new release from Erborian, the Bamboo Glow Dewy Effect Cream.

A review of Erborian Bamboo Glow Dewy Effect Cream

Erborian Bamboo Glow* (30ml, £21) can be used as a moisturiser as well as a makeup base, utilising ingredients which boost hydration and soothe skin. A Bamboo Waterlock Complex, a reinvigorating combination of Bamboo Sheath Extract and Bamboo Sap, helps your skin retain moisture, boosting hydrating levels and giving lack-lustre skin a boost, whilst Glycerin helps to soothe your skin and Butylene Glycol helps to draw in as much moisture as possible whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Overall, Bamboo Glow promises to hydrate your skin whilst giving you a radiant, healthy glow; but does it really work?

Over the past few months, my skin has been really lack-lustre, suffering from dehydration and overall looking quite dull with my skins texture feeling rougher than usual. I've used Bamboo Glow on both makeup-free days as a moisturiser, as well as days where I've had makeup on, as a makeup base. It has a lovely aqua-gel formula that feels very refreshing upon application and is great for dehydrated skin like mine.

Although it can be used as a makeup base, it's as a usual moisturiser I prefer using it for best. It gives my skin feel lovely and smooth feel, which makes can certainly make makeup application easier, but it's the way it makes my skin look and feels when going makeup-free that I love the most. It makes my skin look like it's been given a healthy boost and gives a subtle glow that helps to disguise the restless, sleepless nights I've had throughout this pregnancy.

Will you be adding Bamboo Glow to your skincare regime?

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