Where next, Teddy? Personalised Book review

11 Jun 2018

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We're big fans of personalised books in the Tattooed Tealady house, a great way to get little ones engaged with reading and also a lovely keepsake too. We've encouraged Willow to read all the way from birth and she just looks settling down with a big pile of books for us to work through together. Stories about pirates, fairies, animals and Princesses, dinosaurs and old-time classics, no matter what the story, she'll sit there avidly listening and soaking up all the pictures as you read to it, it makes my heart swell. If you're looking for books to add to your little one's library, you can check out my feature on Willow's Growing Library.

A review of personalisable children's book Where next, Teddy?
A review of personalisable children's book Where next, Teddy?

Willow is at that age now where she loves a bedtime story, sometimes even two, and so she has a little selection of books which stay in her bedroom especially for bedtime. The latest bedtime story to join Willow's library is Where Next, Teddy?*, an exciting adventure story created by Chapterful and perfect for any little bookworms.

Where Next, Teddy? stands out from other personalised children's books, because the personalisations available are more inclusive; you can add your little one's name, you can change the hair colour and gender of their character to match your little one, but even better, you can add glasses or a wheelchair, so that if your little one is a glasses wearer or a wheelchair user, they can relate more to the character in the book.

This is the first personalised children's book I have come across which features these personalisations and I thought it was a really fantastic addition from Chapterful; it's also thought-provoking, that it's so unusual to see children's books with wheelchair users as characters.

As well adding these personalisations, you can add a little message to your little one at the very beginning of the book, which is a makes it that little more special than just personalising the character. There are also three print options for Where Next, Teddy?; a softback paperback copy, a hardback copy which has a more premium finish or deluxe, which is an extra special cushion copy.

What about the story, I hear you ask? Well, it's actually quite lovely and one sure to fill little one's heads with lovely dreams. It follows the adventure of Teddy and your little one, in our case Willow, going on a dreamy adventure flying through outer space, swimming at the bottom of the sea, exploring a wild jungle and the hustle and bustle of a busy city, to visiting deserts and finding igloos. There are all sorts of animals big and small, exciting things to see and do and all together with Teddy, before making their way back to bed ready for a peaceful night's sleep.

Willow loves reading Where Next, Teddy? before bed and it's a really lovely addition to her bedtime reading this. A great gift for children of all ages and an extra special keepsake, too.

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