Willow Loves Splash Babies

19 Jun 2018

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Learning to swim is an essential life skill and something we knew we wanted our daughter to learn early on. Although my partner and I both learnt how to swim in school, it seems not all schools do this anymore and so a swimming class was the route we wanted to take.

A review of Splash Babies swimming classes
A review of Splash Babies swimming classes
A review of Splash Babies swimming classes

Willow started swimming classes with Splash Babies in January 2017 when she was 11 months old. When she started, she went into the Little Splashers swimming class, which is for little ones aged 6 months to 15 months, before moving into the Little Divers swimming class which is aimed at 15 months to 2.5 years. With Willow about to move into the next phase of her swimming journey, the Little Swimmers class (which is aimed at 2.5 years to 4 years old), I wanted to share an update on how she is doing with her Splash Babies journey.

If you're curious about how Willow got on when she first started, you can read my Splash Babies Loughborough Review.

"We take little ones in the pool from around 8 weeks of age or when both parent and child are ready to start together. Both parents are welcome in the pool for all our classes to create a lovely bonding experience." - Kirsty, founder of Splash Babies
Little Splashers was the perfect group to help Willow get comfortable and confident in the water, but it's Little Divers, which she started at 15 months, where she really came into her own. A much more active group focused on toddlers and helping them develop their skills in the water, Little Divers has been a fun, energetic and encouraging class for Willow to be a part of.

Each weekly lesson is 30 minutes long, which for little ones is more than enough - it's a proper little workout and Willow is usually ready for a nap not long after! Like all groups at Splash Babies, each lesson has a theme. There are songs to sing, with actions to follow in the water, many of which help improve confidence in the water by involving jumping in, learning to kick her little legs in the water and practising breathing. 

"Each session is so different, we cover different themes every week and activities to keep the little ones and parents interested. We teach a very gentle approach to baby swimming with no pressure to perform Working in group classes, but also working with each child individually as we know children all progress at different times." - Kirsty, founder of Splash Babies

There's a lovely little routine to each class, too, which I think is important when teaching little ones. Each lesson starts with a welcome song, followed by a few different activities around that weeks theme, with each lesson always including jumping practice into the pool in the middle of the lesson, ending the lesson with submersion practice (which essentially helps little ones to get used to being underwater and improving their confidence swimming underwater) and a song to finish the class. It's organised, professional and hugely effective in making sure each lesson is beneficial to each swimmer in the class.

This summer Willow will be going into the next age group class, Little Swimmers. For a month or so now you can tell she's been more than ready to move up a class. She's incredibly confident in the water, despite a few weeks of water wobbles earlier in the year, and she is picking things up very quickly. She tries to swim constantly whilst in the pool, she kicks her little legs and even tries her hand at breaststroke, so I know she will love Little Swimmers which aims to give little ones the practice they need to fine tune their techniques and reinforce the life-saving swimming skills started in previous classes, such as using floatation aids to swim more independently and learning different strokes.

"Teaching baby swimming really is an amazing job, if you can call getting in the pool and having fun with little ones work at all. It is so rewarding watching little ones as they enjoy the water and also the look of amazement on their parents faces too. It really is amazing to watch the gradual progression over the weeks and years." - Kirsty, founder of Splash Babies

Willow absolutely adores Splash Babies and so do we! Sure, we could have taken Willow to a local swimming pool and tried to teach her ourselves, but without the skills and knowledge, as well as the high credentials and health and safety qualifications that the Splash Babies team have, we wouldn't have gotten very far.

We look forward to each lesson and have seen a really positive progression in Willow's ability in the pool. Seeing her confidence grow with each lesson, her pure happiness each time she arrives at class ready to jump right in and see her technique improve, hugely, with each lesson, it's just absolutely wonderful.

If you're Leicestershire based or nearby and looking to get your little one into a swimming class that's professional, exciting and truly effective at encouraging and developing your little one's skills in the water, I cannot recommend Splash Babies enough.

Find out more and book your trial class at www.splashbabies.org.

A review of Splash Babies swimming classes

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