smarTrike, worth the investment?

2 May 2018

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If your toddler is in that in-between stage where they don't quite want to sit in the pushchair all the time for trips out but their little legs can't quite handle walking long distances yet, then you might be looking for an alternative mode of transport for them. There are all sorts of options out there from trailers to balance bikes and a huge variety of trikes and we've been putting the smarTrike to the test, to see if this hugely popular trike brand makes a good alternative for Willow.

A review of the smarTrike 5-in-1 Trike Infinity

We're no stranger to smarTrike as they're an extremely popular brand and seem to be leading the way when it comes to trikes and bikes for little ones. They're also a brand I was familiar with before having my own daughter, as my nephew used to cruise around on his very own smarTrike when he was a toddler.
A review of the smarTrike 5-in-1 Trike Infinity

A review of the smarTrike 5-in-1 Trike Infinity

smarTrike have a great selection of models within their range and we're been trying out the 5-in-1 Infinity Explorer; this particular model seems to be unavailable at the moment - it took Willow quite some time to get to grips with her smarTrike and as she's slightly below average height-wise, we had a few niggles with her getting used to using it as her legs just weren't long enough , so this review is extremely overdue - but it does much the same as the majority of the smarTrike range, so a good starting point for you to see if smarTrike is the right brand for you. The current models range in price £44.99 to £139.99, available from Mothercare and Smyths Toys, so a trike for all budgets!

Each range of smarTrike, regardless of price point, comes in a lovely selection of colours; for Willow's 5-in-1 Infinity Explorer we opted for the beautiful aubergine purple and it really is just the most lovely colour alongside the slate grey frame. The rather snazzy features of this particular model include;
  • Touch steering, which makes it easy for you to manoeuvre the trike, even with one hand as I often do! I find the touch steering means you need to put very little effort into turning the trike this way or that, it almost glides around.
  • Premium reclining seat, which comes in handy if your little one gets sleepy or needs a quick cat-nap whilst you're out and about. The seat is also padded so nice and soft and has a high-back support, to keep your little ones secure and comfortable. The seat also has a 3 point Y harness with shoulder pads and a safety for extra safety, which is a really important feature for me as Willow is at that age where she will try and climb out if not kept in place safely.
  • Mudguard navigator button, which lets you decide whether you are in charge of the steering with the parent touch steering, or whether your little one has full control of the steering themselves. 
  • Non-slip pedals so your little one can keep their feet safely in place (once their legs are long enough!) 
  • UV blocking material canopy for sun protection, which I really love as I like being able to shade Willow on sunny days and it's also handy for those moments where she does want a little nap as it keeps the sun out of her face and helps her sleep better.
  • Basket with functional removable storage bag, both of which are fairly large in size. I can pop to the local supermarket with Willow on her smarTrike for a couple of days worth of food shopping and easily fit it all in the storage bag and basket. There's also another handy little mini storage bag at the top of the handle, which is fantastic for putting your personal items in like your phone and keys. 
  • Bottle holder and toy telephone, which are both lovely little additions. The toy telephone entertains Willow and the bottle holder is really handy for making it easy for Willow to just have a sip of her water whenever she wants, instead of me having to get her bottle out of the bags and pass it to her, meaning no stopping when on the go!
A review of the smarTrike 5-in-1 Trike Infinity

A review of the smarTrike 5-in-1 Trike Infinity

The smarTrike trike range is suitable from 10 months up to 3 years, although Willow is now 27 months and it took her to just before she was 2 to start enjoying it (hence the delayed review!) as her little legs just weren't long enough and she kept getting frustrated not being able to reach the pedals. She is below average for height though, so if your little one is within the normal height range, I am sure they would be absolutely fine.

I really like that the seat can be reclined, as that aspect is particularly handy for little ones and the little added extras like the canopy, bottle holder and storage bags are really helpful little features. As Willow grows, it can be adapted to become a more independent trike, which will be super fun as it'll be the start of teaching her how to properly cycle on her own! The parent touch steering handle can be completely removed at this point to let your little one (as safely as possible and with supervision!) go wild. On a more superficial note, I really like the fabric used throughout the smarTrike range and particularly on this model. It's really high quality and stands out, making it look rather chic indeed.

These same features are key aspects of many of the smarTrike trike range, so although this particular model seems to be no longer available, you can rest assured if the model you are looking at includes these features, that they are easy to use, sturdy and very well made and a really fun and safe way for your little on to travel. 

As you can see, Willow loves hers and we have been happy to recommend smarTrike to friends and family opting to try a trike for their own toddlers too. We love it and it is easily Willow's favourite way to get around, smarTrike is definitely worth the investment!

A review of the smarTrike 5-in-1 Trike Infinity

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