31 May 2018

Antipodes Halo Skin-Brightening Mud Mask Review

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As a busy mother to an active toddler, my time for pampering is limited, but face masks are one thing I have kept in my routine and always make time for. The wonderful thing about using face masks is they can quickly treat and pamper skin without you needing to sit still. You can multi-task, popping on your favourite mask or treatment and leaving it to work it's magic whilst you get something else done.

A review of the Antipodes Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask

29 May 2018

Breathe Magazine Review

Although I feel like I never have enough time to fully immerse myself in mindfulness, it is something I try and make a part of my everyday life, if only to ease the strain of my anxiety and depression. One of the ways I find easiest when it comes to being more mindful is choosing to consume media which is more beneficial for my mind and soul. This includes reading; reading more, reading broader topics and reading books and magazines specifically tailored to mindfulness, just like Breathe magazine.

A review of Breathe magazine for mindfulness and wellbeing

28 May 2018

May Birchbox UK Review

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Palm trees and a warm breeze, that's the summer dream, right? With warmer days and glorious sunshine just around the corner, the May Birchbox is gorgeously themed with a calming palm leaves box design and products which are perfect for that end of spring beauty pamper. Featuring 5 beauty products and the chance for subscribers to make their May Birchbox extra special, this is one box I couldn't wait to get stuck into.

A review of the May Birchbox UK beauty subscription service

21 May 2018

Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Booster Review

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Although I follow a great winter skincare routine with products that target skin woes day and night, this spring I have found it a little harder to shake off the dehydrated areas which dominate my forehead and cheeks. Always eager to try anything that promises to rehydrate and repair my skin, I've been putting Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Booster* to the test. Is this hydrating serum powerful enough to make my skin happy and healthy again?

A review of the Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Booster

2 May 2018

smarTrike, worth the investment?

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If your toddler is in that in-between stage where they don't quite want to sit in the pushchair all the time for trips out but their little legs can't quite handle walking long distances yet, then you might be looking for an alternative mode of transport for them. There are all sorts of options out there from trailers to balance bikes and a huge variety of trikes and we've been putting the smarTrike to the test, to see if this hugely popular trike brand makes a good alternative for Willow.

A review of the smarTrike 5-in-1 Trike Infinity

We're no stranger to smarTrike as they're an extremely popular brand and seem to be leading the way when it comes to trikes and bikes for little ones. They're also a brand I was familiar with before having my own daughter, as my nephew used to cruise around on his very own smarTrike when he was a toddler.

1 May 2018

We all need a healthy balance

When I started writing Tattooed Tealady I was just 24, starting my second year of University and still navigating the world of adulthood. My responsibilities were few and far between, I still went out clubbing at every given opportunity and festivals were my holidays, as many as I could get myself to each summer. I lived a care-free lifestyle and made the most of every chance to make happy memories and have the best time possible.

A picture of high end makeup palettes
Tattooed Tealady started as nothing more than a beauty blog, somewhere to ramble about my makeup obsession and share my latest beauty purchases, a very different space to the one it is now, which features more than just beauty, a place I shared my first pregnancy and now my experience as a first-time mum with regular parenting features, memories of days out and favourite family recipes, restaurant reviews, books I've been devouring and everything in between. Tattooed Tealady has changed a lot in six years - and so have I.
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