Willow is Two

12 Mar 2018

At the end of January, our little baby turned two. It still feels weird to say I have a two-year-old. As cliche as it sounds, I feel as if the last two years have flown by in the blink of an eye and Willow's baby days seem like a distant memory. We now have a fully fledged toddler who has come on leaps and bounds since I last updated you on, back in October when I shared Willow's 21-month update.

Willow turned 2 on January 26th and as it was a weekday, we spent the day at home opening presents and playing with Willow's new toys. We had a mini birthday celebration with family the weekend before and the week after, on February 3rd (also my dad's birthday, no less!) we took Willow for a day out on a steam train.

Willow is besotted with trains so a day out at our local Great Central Railway seemed like a fab way to celebrate her birthday. She was in heaven, her face lit up with pure amazement when we first got onto the platform and she saw the bright red steam train. I had fretted for months over what to do to mark her birthday, but I am so happy we picked something which made Willow the happiest little girl ever!

Over the past few months, we have seen really big changes in Willow. Visually you can see she's shot up in height a little bit, her feet are finally starting to grow again (she's been in size 5 shoes since May 2017 and now is finally in a size 6) and she's getting more of a little girl look to her. Her hair is ridiculously long, deceiving when dry looking around shoulder length, but when wet reaching below the mid-line of her back.

Her confidence has come on leaps and bounds, which I think goes hand-in-hand with how well her speech has progressed over the past few months. We now have full sentences, lots of talking from morning to night and also lots of thought going on before Willow talks; she's extremely inquisitive and eager to learn and this shows in the things she says, the questions she asks, the way she will make us delve deeper into explaining something so she can get a better understanding. It's quite cute, actually, as once she has asked us a good few questions and feels she has her head wrapped around something, she will say, "OK, I understand now". I hope her thirst for knowledge remains a constant in her life as she grows older.

Mostly, Willow is still an exceptionally well behaved little one. She is so polite, that people stop us when out and about to compliment her on her manners, which is rather lovely. She still adores people, regardless of age or gender and she is wonderful with other babies, toddlers and children. She shares her toys in a very kind way (often showing other children how to use her toys properly) and is just lovely to be around. Although we're not quite reached the 'terrible twos', she's certainly getting a little more daring, a little louder and a little rebellious, so we've had a few minutes on the Time Out Step. She doesn't have tantrums but does get quite moody and as she puts it, gets 'very grumpy mummy' (usually when she's tired!).

Thankfully naps are still a part of our daily routine. I did worry over Christmas and the New Year that she was growing out of naps, as we had a good fortnight or so where she was point blank refusing to nap in the day but thankfully, this was short lived and we still manage to get 1.5 - 3 hours out of her each afternoon, which we are very thankful for let me tell you!!

Now that Willow has reached two, I think I will make her updates twice yearly; at this age there isn't a lot to update you on and I think the updates would be more fulfilling if left a little bit longer. So that's all for now, but don't forget you can keep up with Willow daily over on Instagram and Instastories - are you following me yet? '@TattooedTealady'!