Cutting Sugar Made Easy

27 Feb 2018

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Over the past few years my sweet tooth has become harder to satisfy, the older I get the sweeter I like my tea and the more sweet treats I seem to indulge in. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen me talk about wanting to lose weight and change up my diet a little to get healthier, something I'm working hard towards and part of that involves making small easy to manage changes in my everyday diet.

Easy ways to reduce sugar
c/o Gareth Sambridge and Hermesetas

I've considered trying to cut sugar out altogether, but I didn't want to give up the taste, I like having that spoon of sugar in my cup of tea or reaching for sweet cakes and biscuits. One alternative to keep my sweet tooth satisfied is swapping sugar for sweeteners, a low-calorie alternative to sugar. I'm no stranger to sweeteners as a few members of my family have been using Hermesetas Mini Sweeteners for as long as I can remember. The Hermesetas range also includes a liquid sweetener and a granulated sweetener, meaning you can replace more than just the sugar in your cuppa! 

Swapping the sugar in my diet where I can is going to be much more manageable than cutting it out altogether, I won't feel like I'm missing out and I'll still be able to enjoy the sweet taste. We all like to indulge and when you have a sweet tooth like me, it's hard to know when to stop and that can result in a lot of calories with very little nutritional benefit to your body. I can have anywhere up to 6 cups of tea a day; with each having one spoonful of sugar, that's 24g of sugar throughout the day. The recommended daily sugar intake for adults is 30g; I'm already nearing that just with my tea habit, never mind the biscuits and cakes I sneak at night when Willow has gone to bed and I can sit down with my feet up. 

Independent studies have shown that reducing sugar is easier to do long-term when you use low-calorie alternative, such as the Hermesetas sweetener range; for me, it's certainly easier to just swap to something that is going to be less calorific but still satisfying and tasty, than go without altogether. As well as helping to reduce the amount of sugar you consume, whether it's sugar in tea, sugar in baking or even in making your own fruit compotes, sweeteners can also be kinder to your teeth and for diabetics, in particular, can help with keeping your glucose and insulin levels lower**. 

Interested in finding out more about how we consume sugar and how swapping to an alternative can help you reduce your sugar intake? Check out the Sugar Switching Report, which makes for some super interesting reading. I was particularly surprised by just how many of us consume up to three times more sugar a daily than the recommended intake of 30g.

Easy ways to cut down on sugar
c/o Gareth Sambridge and Hermesetas
There are so many easy ways to make the swap from sugar to lower calorie alternatives like sweeteners, whether you keep a dispenser of Hermesetas Mini Sweeteners in your bag instead of reaching for packets of sugar when you go out for a coffee, going for wholegrain cereals instead of sugary options or going for sugar-free juices instead. Check your food packaging for nutritional information and make sure you know what is going into your food and ultimately, your body. You don't have to give up your sweet treats altogether, but using a lower-calorie alternative to sugar is a great option if you want to reduce your sugar intake.

If you're looking for more ideas on how to make easy food swaps, you can check out the free Hermesetas Step Up! e-Zine, which includes top tips and tricks, meal ideas and recipes and some interesting articles too. 

If you are a self-confessed sugar addict and want to try swapping to sweeteners to cut down on sugar, you can find the Hermesetas range online and in-store at supermarkets nationwide. For more information about the Hermesetas range, head to

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**I am not a medical professional. If you suspect you are diabetic 
or you are diabetic, please always seek professional medical advice.