Christmas Stocking Ideas for Toddlers

20 December

When I was a little girl, one of my favourite things about Christmas wasn't the Christmas dinner or the proper presents wrapped nicely under the tree, it was my stocking. I say stocking, back then we had pillowcases and it was the most exciting part of Christmas day waking up to my 'stocking' at the bottom of my bed full of the silliest little things, but all things I adored and things I would use all year round.

Last Christmas Willow was only 11 months old, so her stocking was super simple; mini size plushes of Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy from In the Night Garden. This year? I've gone all out, filled her gorgeous monogrammed Christmas stocking to the brim and have given her the stocking of my childhood dreams.

Christmas Stocking Ideas for Toddlers
Christmas Stocking Ideas for Toddlers
Christmas Stocking Ideas for Toddlers
Christmas Stocking Ideas for Toddlers

This Christmas Willow will be 23 months, just a month away from turning 2 and her understanding of Christmas is amazing, she's really into Santa and the tree and all the elves and reindeer. We've been reading lots of Christmas stories and listening to Christmas songs, so I think she's picked up on it all quite well. I plan to pop her stocking in our bedroom, then bring Willow in on Christmas morning to open all of our stockings together. When she's older, I plan to leave them at the bottom of her bed, just like when I was little.

Everything that is going in her stocking is going in as-is; I won't be wrapping everything individually as it's just not necessary with a stocking. I've opted for cheap and cheerful with the contents, so there's quite a lot but overall, it wasn't too expensive to put together. Everything ranges in price from 50p to £3, so not bad at all.

I've included a couple of things I know she'll use and love, such as more crayons and a new toothbrush, some Disney washcloths, a bath sponge, all purchases from supermarkets. A couple of fun things include a little magic drawing pad and a hatch-a-dinosaur egg. She's besotted with Minnie Mouse so I picked her up some Minnie Mouse hair clips and the super cute pink wand is from Home Bargains. The toys that come with children's magazines are great for stocking fillers and I saved her a fun Mr Tumblr postbox game from a magazine in the summer, which is a fun little addition to her stocking.

And the rest? Some sweets, a selection box, some chocolates and some biscuits. Willow very rarely has any sweet treats (she has been over the moon this December getting chocolate every day in her advent!), so this is quite a treat for her - but the majority will end up in the cupboard for every now and then rather than letting her devour them all on Christmas day!

Stockings don't have to be expensive to put together and I'm pretty happy with the way Willow's stocking has turned out. I'd love to hear what your stockings were like when you were little and if you're putting a stocking together for your little one, let me know what's going inside!

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