A Unique Christmas Gift with 3D Wines

6 Dec 2017


When it comes to Christmas gifts I like to find something that's a little more personal and unique where I can, something that I know will bring a smile to faces come Christmas morning. If like me you enjoy a glass of wine, have a loved one who always likes to keep their wine rack stacked or have someone on your present list who likes to be the wine connoisseur in your social circle, then 3D Wines might just be the unique gift you're looking for.

A review of 3D Wines

What is 3D Wines, you might ask? Based in Lincolnshire, UK, 3D Wines have been established for around 25 years and work with exclusive partner vineyards in France. The idea behind 3D Wines is very simple; you can buy a membership (which start from as little as £59) which includes renting a row of vines, with your membership welcome pack coming complete with two bottles of wine. As a 3D Wines member, you will be able to try award-winning wines not available to buy in shops in the UK, as well as the chance to go and explore your vines at the vineyard itself.

There are 10 vineyards and wines to choose from when selecting your membership, which gives you an allocation of three cases of wine throughout the year; but as a partner of 3D Wines, part of the membership itself includes being able to discover wines from all regions and vineyards that 3D Wines have partnered with.

A review of 3D Wines
A review of 3D Wines

You can visit your vines as much as you like and as a member of 3D Wines, they will not only help you organise your visit, you will also have the chance to take part in exclusive events in both France and the UK, from picnics in Sancerre to grape picking in Provence - a unique and personal gift for any wine lover. Make sure you check out all the  3D Wines special offers, where memberships including a selection of red and white wine as well as champagne. 

3D Wines is a concept I am really excited about because it's completely unique to anything else I've seen before and as a wine lover myself, a gift I would be chuffed to find under the Christmas tree. If you have any wine lovers on your Christmas shopping list, 3D Wines would make an incredible gift and sure to be quite the talking point on Christmas morning too. You can find out more about 3D Wines over at www.my3dvines.com.

*This is a sponsored post. Please see my disclaimer for more information.