Katinka's Tail Review

19 Nov 2017


Growing up with a father that passionately encouraged me to read, I am a self-confessed bookworm and there are few things in this world I treasure more than books. Even before we became parents and Willow came into our lives, I knew when I had children that my love of reading would be something I wanted to encourage my children to enjoy too, and since birth, we have read to Willow every single day. In fact, rarely a day passes where we don't sit down on the sofa or on our bed, and go through a mountain of books together.

A review of Katinka's Tail by Judith Kerr OBE

Judith Kerr OBE is a beloved children's author, an author I read myself growing up, with two particular children's classics that are still well loved today; The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Mog the Forgetful Cat, which is one of Willow's favourite books to read together before bedtime. For books which were published nearly 50 years ago to still be bringing smiles to children's faces now, goes to show what wonderful stories Kerr creates.

Katinka's Tail is the latest story to join the impressive lists of books from Kerr, a delightful new picture book that although aimed at children aged 3 to 7 years, is absolutely perfect for toddlers who love to sit down and read with you. Katinka's Tail follows the story of Katinka, a perfectly ordinary cat with a not-so-ordinary tail, a tail so out of the ordinary, it receives a lot of attention and questions. Each page adorned with beautiful illustrations which really bring the story to life. Willow is at that wonderful age, very nearly 2, where she's paying a lot of attention to pictures as I read stories to her, and she'll point things out that she's realised are part of the story - with Katinka's Tail, she adores pointing to her tail and saying 'Look, mummy, cat's tail is fluffy!'.

Katinka's Tail would make a lovely gift for a little one, especially with Christmas on its way, making a lovely addition to anyone's library. It's a lovely little tale and one which Willow seems to really enjoy; she loves cats and so stories about kittens or cats really do make her smile! I love that she enjoys stories from an author I too grew up with and I have no doubt that Katinka's Tail will be a classic, just like Mog the Forgetful Cat and The Tiger Who Came to Tea, maybe Willow will read Katinka's Tail to her own children one day?

You can pick up Katinka's Tail from Amazon, The Book People and Waterstones.

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