Willow's 21 Month Update

30 Oct 2017

It's been three months since I updated you on how Willow is doing and as she turned 21 months on October 26th, I thought it'd be nice to share some recent updates on how our not-so-little-girl is doing.

Tattooed Tealady

Over the past three months, Willow's speech has come on leaps and bounds. In Willow's 18 month update I shared that she seems to be doing really well with letters and numbers and this has only improved since. She'll wake us up in the morning singing her full ABC's, she can now count up to 20. although sometimes needs a little bit of help, and she is so incredibly talkative! She's able to string 5-6 words together and is talking to us in her own little sentences, which seem to be getting longer by the day! She does seem to talk less around other people she doesn't see very often or people she meets out and about, but with us, her Bapou (Granddad) and those she see's often, she talks and talks and talks!

Willow now has just a couple of teeth left to come through, the Big Four at the back on both the top and bottom. Brushing her teeth is something she's really started to enjoy more and more, wanting to take control and knowing to make sure she gets all of her teeth, including the sides and back teeth, instead of just brushing away at her front teeth. We always check and do a thorough brush ourselves when she's finished, but we have no desire to rush her, especially as she needs to learn to spend a good amount of time on her teeth morning and night.

Willow is still exceptionally friendly and welcoming around others. She is just wonderful around other children and is so eager to share her toys whenever a friend comes around to play, even showing them how to use certain toys and how to turn them on. She is really getting into imaginative play and will sit chatting away to herself and her toys, which is so heartwarming to watch.

Halloween is a couple of days away and she hasn't really picked up on it this year, but I've also not felt it necessary to decorate the house or get a pumpkin as I'd rather do that next year when she can get properly stuck in with the Halloween festivities! We have been reading a lot of Christmas stories though and watching children's Christmas songs on YouTube, so she now recognises Santa and knows that 'Christmas' is associated with Santa and her favourite Christmas song, Jingle Bells! I just can't wait to see her face on December 1st when she comes down to the Christmas tree and I have some exciting Christmas activities and crafts planned for us.

A few of Willow's current favourite things include roast dinners, cherry tomatoes, apples, books about dinosaurs and monsters, Super Monsters on Netflix, wearing her fluffy dressing gown, playing in golden leaves on autumn walks and her new dinosaur, Rex.

We are now just three months away from Willow turning 2 and she's already far surpassed any expectations or ideas of how she would be as she neared her second birthday. Next time I update you all we'll have had the excitement of Bonfire Night and the local town fair, Christmas events and the big day itself, plus M's birthday on Boxing Day - we've got a busy few months ahead and I can't wait to soak up all the special memories we're going to make!

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